Turin (Italy). Beginning with the invitation of Pope Francis to not waste this crisis and what in June 2020 was being taught by the Councilor for Youth Ministry in Mary Help of Christians Piedmont Province (IPI), Sr. Carmela Busia, and the Referent for Professional Formation, Sr. Monica Roncari, met for an online sharing together with the Formators responsible for education/pastoral coordination and with the Directors of the Operational Office of CIOFS-FP Piedmont.

The goal was to share what was experienced in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic in teaching with students, with intense workloads and experiences in order not to lose its richness, although with objective difficulties.

The Formators present at the videoconference paused to reflect, guided by three questions: How have you matured professionally and as a Christian from the experience we are living? What do you think has helped the young people to live this time? What attention should you continue to have in their regard?

Rereading the situation has revealed the humanity and interior wealth of the Teachers, as well as the spirit of service and the Salesian values activated to respond immediately to emergency situations experienced by the young students, with families tried economically and emotionally, without adequate technological devices, and often in solitude.

The reflections that emerged brought to light the huge work on the part of the Formators to carry on learning and the relationship with the young people, with the goal of leaving no one behind, thus imitating Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.

Here are their testimonies:

I sought to give messages, not just educational content. As a Christian, I developed a clearer idea of humanity. Our teaching, unlike that of other schools, is much more human. What did this experience bring to the children? The importance of small things (a walk in the park, a game of football …), staying at home has allowed the rediscovery of the family, of technology as a resource (previously it was used for free time). We must continue to pay attention to families. (Silvia)

The young people were really at the center. The goal was not to leave anyone behind. The young said: “You never abandoned us, you helped us to make sense of this nonsense”. Even the ‘How are you?’, addressed to each one before the lessons had a different meaning. The platform was also a place for sharing: a song, a good morning, an image, the virtual ‘end of year party’ … The formators made a great team effort. (Sister Anna Maria)

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