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“The Secretary General is responsible for the central archives, and for the chronicles of the Institute, registers, and general statistics.” (C. 133)

The service of Secretary General is coordinated by Sr. Piera Cavaglià and is accomplished through various tasks:

  • Drafting the Acts and Deliberations of the General Council and of the official documents of the Institute.
  • Compiling the registers and general statistics.
  • Promoting the ongoing study of the charism and of the history of the Institute, the Secretary is responsible for the Central historical Archive with the aim of preserving, organizing, and making known through relevant documentation, the historical patrimony of the FMA Institute (Cf. Constitutions art. 133). This reflects the whole life experience and therefore includes documentary, narrative, epistolary, iconic, and multimedia sources.

The General Secretariat, in its various offices and through the service of the sisters who work there, constantly maintains the link between the General Council and the Provinces in order to transmit documents and information of common interest for the life of the FMA Institute.

General Secretariat
General Secretariat – The collaborators

Current archive or in formation

Conserves the practices still in progress and is located at the respective offices of the Collaborators: Sr. Maria Teresa Mastrotto and Sr. Danuta Rutka.

Their activity is carried out through the registration of the Protocol, the elaboration and transmission of documents and approvals concerning the life and organization of the Provinces, the updating of the cards of each FMA, and of the Institute’s Registers that document in a synthetic way the personal data of each sister from entry into the Novitiate until the end of life.

Historical Archive

It preserves the historical documentation of the FMA Institute in the phase of permanent placement or storage, ordered according to a historical criterion.

The various sources are divided into archival collections that reflect the stages of the development of the Institute from the beginning up to the present.

The person in charge of the Archive is Sr. Giuseppina Parotti who has the task of compiling the Institute’s annual statistics, updating and compiling the two volumes of the General Directory of the FMA Institute, and coordinating the editing and publication of the biographical notes of the deceased FMAs: “Let us remember”, started in 1984 in the new series.

Photographic and audio-visual Documentation Office

Its purpose is to preserve the audio-visual and iconographic material (photographs, films, videocassettes, microfilm, audio cassettes, discs, CDs, DVDs, series of drawings, portraits) received from the Provinces or elaborated at the Center, concerning the history of the FMA Institute, to complement the paper documentation. Even obsolete materials – such as cameras, tape recorders, projectors – are preserved in the Office as evidence of instruments used over time. Sister Angela Marzorati has this responsibility and coordinates or collaborates in the setting up of exhibits, which document the path of the Institute and its missionary expansion in various contexts, with particular interest for the places of origin of the FMA Institute in Italy, in France, and in Latin America. 

The storage of materials takes place through the selection, placement, and filing to allow for adequate use of the documentation today and in the future.

Postulation of the Causes of Saints for the FMA Institute, to which Sister Sylwia Ciężkowska and Sister Francesca Caggiano dedicate themselves, promotes the processes of the FMA and of the young people who grew up in our environments, in collaboration with the Postulator General of the Salesians, Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni.  This promotion consists in collecting, preserving, and studying the documentation concerning the FMA candidates for the altars and in the study of the graces obtained through their intercession in order to instruct the processes on the miracles necessary for the advancement of their Causes. The FMA Postulation maintains contacts with the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and favors in the Institute the knowledge of the Servants of God, Venerables, Blesseds, and Saints of the FMA. The periodical dossier “Heaven Answers” is also elaborated, containing the reports of graces obtained through the intercession of the FMA, of whom the Church has recognized the heroic nature of their virtues.

The Juridical-Canonical Office, coordinated by Sister Katarzyna Kasinska, it is at the service of Mother General, the General Council, and the Provinces for the necessary consultations in the field of Canon Law and of the law proper to the FMA Institute. The canonist also collaborates in training courses for the Provincial Secretaries and the New Provincials, as well as teaching Canon Law at University Institutions and Formation Houses.

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