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“The Secretary General is responsible for the central archives, and for the chronicles of the Institute, registers, and general statistics.” (C. 133)

The service of Secretary General is coordinated by Sr. Maria Luisa Nicastro and is accomplished through various tasks:

  • Drafting the Acts and Deliberations of the General Council and of the official documents of the Institute.
  • Compiling the registers and general statistics.
  • Promoting the ongoing study of the charism and of the history of the Institute, the Secretary is responsible for the Central historical Archive with the aim of preserving, organizing, and making known through relevant documentation, the historical patrimony of the FMA Institute (Cf. Constitutions art. 133). This reflects the whole life experience and therefore includes documentary, narrative, epistolary, iconic, and multimedia sources.

The General Secretariat, in its various offices and through the service of the sisters who work there, constantly maintains the link between the General Council and the Provinces in order to transmit documents and information of common interest for the life of the FMA Institute.

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