Comunità S. Giovanni Bosco di Saltillo, Coah (MMO)


Monterrey (Mexico) This moment of crisis due to the pandemic has brought great creativity and generosity to the Educating Communities of Mater Ecclesiae Province of Mexico (MMO).

Mary Help of Christians Community of Reynosa, made up of 7 Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, normally brings food for 12 people every day to Tamaulipas, a city with a large number of migrants on the border with the United States (Texas). Due to the pandemic, the number of requests has increased rapidly, so much so that the FMA now provide 100 meals per day. The whole community, from the 90-year-old FMA to the youngest, gives her contribution by cooking, serving, washing pots, and helping out where needed. By publishing what they were doing on Facebook, the FMA were joined by alumni and other volunteers who collaborated with food, financial contributions, and distribution aid.

Another significant experience is that of St. John Bosco community in Saltillo, Coah, which has a Kindergarten, Primary, and 1st and 2nd year Secondary school as their works. A past pupil, who is also a Salesian Cooperator, Dr. Rosaura Gómez del Bosque, is the Director of a clinic. When the Covid-19 epidemic arrived in Saltillo, she shared with the FMA her concern to provide the 280 employees she is responsible for with protective equipment so they can work safely. First, she asked the FMA for images and medals of Mary Help of Christians: every morning, before starting the day, she invited all her staff to pray, entrusting the work to God, and asking Mary Help of Christians for her blessing.  She then invited a priest for a penitential celebration within the clinic structure with all the medical and service staff, who participated with respect, fervor, and faith.

Still worried about the safety of the staff and encouraged by Don Bosco’s example, she started knocking on the doors of family members, alumni, parents of the school, and soon the solidarity of many people made the most urgent purchases possible.

The FMA of the community  made themselves available for making protective masks with material that is resistant and reusable. They also had the idea of packaging each piece produced in a transparent plastic bag with an image of Mary Help of Christians inside.

Dr. Rosaura called them again saying that she had found the appropriate fabric to make surgical overshoes and the Community set to work by making the overshoes and putting them in small bags with the message: “Don’t be afraid, I am with you: Jesus”.  After the overshoes, surgical caps followed, wrapped in a paper tape with the phrase: “Mary, teach us to do what he tells us”.

The FMA community, made up of 8 sisters, greatly appreciated this experience, especially in receiving photos of those who wear these garments. It is a grain of sand, but which makes visible the Provident hand of God and the Help of Mary. The Community is grateful to be able to serve the people who are giving their life in that Clinic, in addition to the generous and unconditional apostolic commitment of Past Pupils like Dr. Rosaura.


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