Dindigul (India)  In March 2020, the first cases of Coronavirus emerged in the province of Dindigul, in the state of Tamil Nadu, south of India. On March 22, the government declared lock-down. Taking into account the socio-economic context and the spread of the epidemic, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Blessed Maddalena Morano Community of Dindigul Marianathapuram, of Our Lady of the Snow Province (INT) decided to help 200 poor families, that is, about 1,000 people, who are mostly daily workers. Due to the freezing of activities, people experience a lack of work, money, and basic necessities.

The objectives of the FMA aid project are: to express closeness to the population in this time of suffering and fear, to prevent hunger and depression, to provide food and basic products for daily survival, to create a healthy environment, good relations, self-confidence. The Community of Dindigul, in collaboration with other associations that work in the area, immediately responded to the emergency with the distribution of rice, oil, Dhal, and sugar.

The FMA of the INT Province have been serving in Dindigul Marianathapuram for 25 years, in contact with 3500 families of different religious backgrounds. The community carries out its mission through professional training in tailoring, computer science, and typing, along with human and Christian formation for young people, and a small dispensary to provide medical assistance to the city’s poor.


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