San Paolo (Brazil). From 9 to 11 April 2024, 25 heads of Communication and Marketing of schools, social works, and hospitals of Our Lady Aparecida Province (BAP) met in São Paulo, at the provincial headquarters, to study and discuss the theme: “Living in social networks… Salesianly”.

The meeting aimed to improve communication strategies and promote an exchange of experiences, with particular attention to defining a complete presence in the virtual environment, in line with the Salesian charism.

In her greeting to the participants, Sister Alaíde Deretti,  BAP Provincial, highlighted Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco as examples of creative communicators who used communication to reach young people. She also stressed the need to use social networks in an innovative and prophetic way to proclaim the Good News and the Salesian Charism. “Today, I want to invite you to reflect on the value of communication in our Salesian mission. Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco, our Founders, inspire us to walk in synodality in networks, with enthusiasm and total commitment,” she said.

Led by Sister Maike Loes, FMA, Provincial Communications Coordinator, the meeting included a program rich in reflections, cultural visits, conferences, and workshops. On the first day, participants took a virtual tour of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located in the district of Campos Elíseos (SP), exploring its relationship with the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Rome, built by Don Bosco at the request of Pope Leo XIII where, at the end of his life, Don Bosco understood the meaning of the “Dream at 9 years of age” that celebrates its Bicentennial in 2024.

The group then embarked on a cultural journey through the language that unites them: Portuguese. They were guided through the galleries of the renovated Museum of the Portuguese Language, located in Praça da Luz. Here they learned the history and evolution of the language interactively, in a large and modern exhibition area.

In the afternoon, the journalist Adriano Vialle – who is also Coordinator of the Department of Communication of the Hospital Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora of Três Lagoas (MS) – gave a lecture on “News. The construction of journalistic text”. Among the various contents, he highlighted the importance of identifying the key elements of  news item, the so-called lead.

The second day was led by the communication referent of BAP, Andréa Pereira, who addressed the central theme of the meeting: “Inhabiting the social networks… Salesianly”. She shared strategies and suggestions to optimize the work of communicators on institutional communication channels and accompanied important alignment activities.

The last day of work was characterized by the presentation of the photographer Marcos Rogério Meneghessi, who addressed the theme “The use of photography in the construction of visual narratives”. After presenting some techniques, he invited the group to imprint, through the lens of a smartphone, the spirit of the Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, in the district of Bom Retiro.

At the beginning of the afternoon, Eduardo dos Santos, head of the BAP IT sector, contributed to the meeting by providing guidance on the General Data Protection Act (LGPD)a Brazilian law passed in 2018 that controls privacy and the use/processing of personal data.

Finally, Sister Maike and Andréa gave practical guidance on the proposal of integrated communication, the sending of news, and the BAP  magazine.

Samuel Caetano, coordinator of the projects and communications of the Casa Padre Jacó, in Itajaí (SC), expressed his gratitude for the opportunity of formation offered by the Province, “For us communicators of Social Action it is very important to have these moments to increase our knowledge, update our media, and strengthen our social identity.”

Emanuelle Saldanha, head of communication and marketing at Collegio Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora in Campo Grande (MS), called the meeting ‘incredible’. “It is always wonderful to have the opportunity to meet in person people who only know each other virtually during the year, as well as the chance to grow, learn, and improve. Now is the time to return to our realities and live the social networks ‘salesianly’, with joy and pride!”

The meeting “Inhabit the social networks… Salesianly” ended with a moment of thanksgiving and a special Blessing in the presence of the Provincial, Sister Alaíde Deretti.


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