Rome (Italy). On the occasion of the Centenary of the birth of Mother Caterina Daghero (1924-2024), the Novices of the International Novitiates of Rome, Sister Teresa Valsé Pantellini and Mary Help of Christians of Castelgandolfo, accepting the invitation of the Secretary General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Sister Maria Luisa Nicastro, to deepen the knowledge of her figure, propose some initiatives.

In particular, in the period between June 2024 and February 2025, on the 26th of each month, every Community of the Institute will receive a Goodnight that the Animator will share with the Sisters. It will touch nine different aspects of the life of Mother Daghero, chosen by the Novices among the most significant of her vocation as Daughter of Mary Help of Christians and Mother General, first successor of Mother Mazzarello.

Every Good Night includes a short story, a point of reflection, which can remain personal or be shared in community, and a prayer intention to be presented to Mary Help of Christians with the three Hail Marys of Don Bosco.

This is the detail of the nine months:

  • Introduction and beginning of her journey in the Institute 26 June  Podcast 1
  • Discernment – 26 July
  • Guide of the Institute – 26 August
  • Responding to history – 26 settembre
  • Maternity – 26 October
  • Resilience – 26 November
  • Voyages – 26 December
  • Relations with the Salesians – 26 January 2025
  • Rapport with Mary – 26 February 2025

To reach young people as well, the Novices will make these contents available with a more youthful language through short podcasts, audio content that will be published and shared as much as possible on social networks, inviting above all the delegates of Youth Ministry to use them to make known to young people the life of Mother Daghero and her commitment to the Institute.

Also available on the YouTube channel of the FMA Institute is the song “Ho visto in te”, presented and performed for the first time during the Conference held in Rome in the Generalate, on 8 June 2024.


  1. Iniciativa muito bela. Obrigada às noviças e suas responsáveis que assim animam todo o Instituto.
    Linguagens atuais para os jovens e a gente de hoje.
    Muito agradecida e parabéns pela iniciativa.


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