San Salvador (El Salvador) The monthly commemoration of Don Bosco on March 31 becomes an occasion for the ESSALES Communication Team of the Central America – North Province Most Holy Savior (CAM) of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, to present a ‘Salesian Spirit protocol’ to be implemented, as well as to ask the Saint of young people for his intercession and protection against the Coronavirus.

In this ‘protocol’, the three pillars of the Preventive System – reason, religion, loving  kindness – are metaphorically interpreted to illustrate important behaviors and attitudes for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Religion – Masks: do not spread negativity, pessimism, or annoyance.  Don Bosco says, “Sadness and melancholy leave my home.”  Salesian gel soap: keep your soul far from sin so that you can remain in constant union with God during this time.

Reason – One of the pillars Don Bosco offers us in his Preventive System is reason that contains special substances which when mixed together, help us to find the balance of happiness.  The substances to be used in this formula are: 25 ml of joy, 25 ml of study/work, 25 ml of piety, 25 ml of temperance.

Loving Kindness – A contagious smile.  Joy, says Don Bosco, “always be happy in the Lord.  Family Spirit: let us remember that Don Bosco wanted us to be like a family, thus let us live united, above all with those who are far away and alone.  This will give us strength.

Procedure: dissolve 25 ml of joy when you get up in the morning; immediately add 25 ml of piety, say a prayer of gratitude and offer your day to God.  Pour in 25 ml of study/work at home and gradually blend in 25 ml of temperance.  You will be creating a day of excellent Salesian Spirit.  Don Bosco says: “This is the best program to make you happy and the one that is of most benefit  for your soul.”

In conclusion: if we exercise ourselves in this protocol, we will be ‘good Christians and honest citizens,’ as Don Bosco dreams, and the world needs this today.

PS: Don’t forget… Tomorrow, 1 April, we remember the Canonization of our Father Don Bosco.protocollo salesianità Essales CAM

ESSALES is a team composed of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and laity in synodality, sharing the riches of Salesian Spirituality and their professional skills, placing them at the service of others.  The objective is that of improving the quality of spiritual life, offering a blend of Salesian Spirituality, the Preventive System, and technological innovation, so as to offer formative support to educators and young people of our times.

The name ESSALES comes from the union of ES: Holy Spirit (Espìritu) and Salesian Spirituality;  SAL: the salt of the earth in the new digital courtyards.  SALES: ‘in the style of St. Francis di Sales’ as Don Bosco desired.  ESSALES comes from the gaze of Mother Mazzarello, a deep and contemplative gaze that is transformed into a profound welcome and friendship for the people who live in the different areas of the world.

The main recipients of the project are those who exercise an educational function towards children and young people (leaders of youth groups, parents, catechists, etc.), in the style of Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco. ESSALES offers, through social networks, initiatives that seek to preserve and revive parts of the Salesian traditions, such as commemorations – on the 24th of the month, Mary Help of Christians and on the 31st, Don Bosco – with monthly reflections through digital resources (images, audio, and video) which recall an aspect of the Preventive System experienced by Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco.

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