Rome (Italy) In an era of emergencies, not only health but also environmental, the CIOFS-FP proposes a national awareness initiative aimed at all students currently enrolled in the CIOFS-FP courses on a very important topic: the protection of creation. It is an opportunity to promote new ideas, involving young people in a competition to help save the planet.

The invitation is to send a project studying one of the issues concerning everything related to the care of the environment, sustainability, care of nature, climate change, the containment of pollution, eco-sustainability, savings energy, zero-impact activities, and all forms of respect for creation.

Participants, singly or in groups, can send a single project in the form of videos, photos, songs, recipes or any other form of expression that suggests ecological action. All works will be marked with the hashtag #daivalorealtuotempo and voted online on the social media (Facebook and Instagram). From the 10 most voted projects, a jury will announce the final winner.

It is possible to register – open from 6 April to 25 May 2020 – and view the competition rules on the CIOFS-FP website page.




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