León (Spagna). The  Valponasca Association, promoted by the Province of Mary Help of Christians (SPA), during the Covid-19 pandemic carried out work placement projects aimed at young people, families, women in situations of risk and social exclusion, with online training and the creation of seminars .

Since 2009, the Association has had a program of  socio-work orientation (METAS) consisting of projects aimed at different groups of unemployed people followed through consultancy, support, job orientation, professional training, job placement, and business prospects activities.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, the team has continued to work online, maintaining contact with the beneficiaries of the projects and with companies through ‘smart working’, but with the same dedication, knowing the importance of active listening, which made it possible to respond to new needs that arose. The entrepreneurial fabric of the city of León was very affected by the pandemic situation: being primarily linked to the service sector, the losses and the effort needed to face and overcome the crisis are undeniable.

During the lockdown, requests to the Association for services related to the socio-work area increased, which benefited more than 750 people. Among them, more than 100 people took part in online training courses. In addition, about 50 people were able to continue to deepen their knowledge of Spanish through the “Valponasca Integra” project, and about 20 people prepared for the exam to obtain Spanish citizenship. Through the “Incorpora Training Points” project of the La Caixa Foundation, 40 people were able to complete their professional training, almost 20 people got a job, and 18 new companies have relied on the services of the Association in the search for personnel, thus giving an opportunity for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Workshops were also held to improve employability, which gave the opportunity to train on job search techniques, personal skills or the job market.

The situation created by the pandemic has forced us to review lifestyles and to put the person at the center, as well as find quick solutions to complex problems attentive to new emerging needs. Women, whose workload has multiplied by working inside and outside the home, have shown great resilience, taking care of family members and minors, ‘female’ jobs that are fundamental for society, which must therefore be valued and guaranteed decent conditions.

The Valponasca Association continues its commitment, adapting to the times and the “new normal”, not to leave anyone behind and thus contribute to improving the quality of life and work of the population.

Associazione Valponasca seminario


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