San Paolo (Brazil). The novices of the Interprovincial Novitiate (CIB) O. L. of Grace – São Paulo (Brazil), created a path of vocational research through video spots.

Inspired by the Vocation Ministry, the novices chose to make a “vocational campaign” with youthful language, to arouse the vocational call in adolescents and young people.

The young women were very creative and produced, with the participation of some FMA, 20 short spots of episodes of about 2min. in two stages, which focus on vocational research.

Before launching videos on Facebook and YouTube, they produced some references to “Wake up there”, which aroused great curiosity in the girls.

On the first of August, the day of the release of the first episode at 9:30 pm, there were more than 3,000 visualizations – ‘likes’ on Facebook.

At the end of middle school, adolescents are undecided in choosing which university course to follow, which profession … and which vocation … just like the character of “Wake up there”.

With prayer and the certainty that the Lord does His part in this communication with the young people of today, He calls those He wants for the Institute.

Facebook Vocacionadas-Salesianas-Brasil


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