Johannesburg (South Africa). The Missionary Animation and Formation Seminar: “First announcement and Salesian mission” takes place from August 12 to August 19, 2018 at Bosco Center-Walkerville, Johannesburg, South Africa. Prepared by the FMA and SDB Mission Sectors for the formation of coordinators and representatives of missionary animation at the provincial level.

There are 39 participants between FMA and SDB and a representation of Laity from 25 countries of Africa and Madgascar: South Afica, Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, Camenun, Madagascar, Mozambique, Angola, Costa de Marfil, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Togo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa. The meeting is animated by the FMA and SDB General Councilors for the Missions, Sr. Alaide Deretti and Fr. Guillermo Basañes, together with their collaborators, Sister Blanca Sánchez and Fr. Martin Lasarte. The Seminar values the presence of Fr. Americo Chaquisse and the Provincial of the Province (AFM) Sister Marie Claire Jean, FMA and the Provincial Fr. Joy Sebastian Thekumcherik SDB.

The rhythm of the Seminar is characterized by listening to the Word of God with the Lectio divina led by Sr. Mario Ko. The presentation of the theme on the Initial Proclamation today is by D. Gianni Rolandi. Every day group work and sharing are carried out on the experience of the initial proclamation of the participants.

The methodology of each day is structured according to the dynamics of remembering the past (August 13), Listening to the Word of God (August 14), Listening to the charism (August 15), Sharing the mission (August 16), Exploring the future (17 August), and Reviewing Practices (18 August).

Among the special speakers of the seminar is Don Albert Kabungue who shares an experience on initial proclamation in the African context, and Sister Constance Chanda who proposes a comparison between the 1884 Letter from Rome by Don Bosco in the light of the Initial Proclamation in the African context.

The group has the opportunity to pay a visit to the community of Soweto and to Regina Mundi Church, the largest church in South Africa located in the city of Johannesburg.


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