Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico). In the Quinta San José Retreat House, Las Pintas, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, from 17 to 21 February 2020, the Representatives of the Salesian Schools of the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Antilles met to continue the Network work in support of each of the Educational and Pastoral Communities.

The 20 participants, belonging to the groups of the Salesian Family SDB – FMA – DHS (Daughters of the Divine Savior) – Laity and Responsible for Education of the Educational Networks NEAR, ENES, ECANES, SUO, SUE, HAÏTI favor the convergence and animation of the processes of the Salesian School for the Region.

The Coordinators of the CIMAC Region (Interprovincial Conference of Mexico, Antilles and Central America) Sr. Altagrâce Mathias, FMA of the Province of O. L. of Perpetual Help (HAI) and of MESOAMÉRICA, Father Carlos Montoya (SDB) direct the work which has the purpose of:

– Share issues and good practices on Education with reference to the four Axes of ESA IV.

– Check the progress of the four axes of ESA IV in the Provinces of the MESOAMÉRICA Region and of the CIMAC-NAC Interprovincial Conferences.

The group prepared the meeting starting from some questions:

  1. What accompanying activities take place in the Pastoral Educational Centers (CEP) of the Region / Conferences?
  2. What do you consider necessary to optimize or improve the strategies implemented?
  3. In 10 words, how can we summarize Salesian accompaniment? (Both from Don Bosco and from Mother Mazzarello).

The formation topics of the meeting:

– “Accompanying students and Pastoral Educational Communities” – Edgar Lomelí and Nancy Palacios (ITESO).

– “Formation Process for Pastoral Educational Communities in the ecological field” – Ivone Goulart Lopes.

– “Integral Management Model (institutional, inspectorates, networks)” – Fr. Juan Carlos Quirarte (SDB).

– “Education 4.0” – Carlos Zepeda Chehaibar (EDUCATE).

Father Fabio Attard, SDB Youth Pastoral Councilor sent a video message in which he underlines the importance of being able to combine the journey of the Salesian School in America (ESA) with the experience of the SDB and FMA General Chapters, broadening the gaze, listening to the voice of the Spirit who speaks through the young, and putting oneself in an attitude of joint and continuous formation.

Sister Runita Borja, Councilor for Youth Pastoral, urged “to address the issue with an integral and holistic vision” starting from some points: 1) how to create an environment that promotes the care and protection of the common home; 2) how to accompany young people, encourage their creativity in the realization of projects on the theme of the common home with an inclusive social perspective. In the Salesian Schools and in other FMA educational environments, several “Together, we can” projects are underway. This is an integral educational experience that involves the head, heart, and hands. Caring for the common home and education for relationships find a significant space in the continuity of formal education ”

Ivone Goulart Lopes, Collaborator of the FMA Youth Pastoral Department and Father René Antonio Santos of the SDB Youth Pastoral Department, presented the processes of the Salesian School in the period 2017-2020.

The meeting is enriched by the socialization of good practices and experiences, by the cultural visit to Tlaquepaque and nearby Educational Centers, the Salesian College Anahuac Revolución and the Colegio Anáhuac Chapalita.

The meeting ends with participation in the opening of the inter-Salesian games and the planning of subsequent meetings.


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