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“The Councilor for Youth Pastoral will animate the apostolic activity of the Institute in all its various forms, always in fidelity to its charism, keeping the needs of the young people in mind” (C. 129)

25th VIDES Philippines

On 22 November 2020, VIDES Philippines celebrated 25 years of activity with an online meeting.

Walk in hope

On November 10-11, 2020, the online meeting took place of the Directors of Residences for young university students, workers, and professionals managed by the FMA.

Webinar on Salesian Pedagogy – PCI

From 4 to 7 November 2020, the Interprovincial Conference of India (PCI) offered the FMA of the Indian Provinces a Webinar on Salesian Pedagogy.

Walking together, we go far

Rome (Italy). The Councilor for Youth Ministry, Sr. Runita Borja, and the collaborators of the YM Sector, held four online meetings, Walking together, we...

Save our environment

On 9 September 2020, the Youth Festival of the Auxilium Youth Movement of the Indian Province of Guwahati (ING) took place on the theme "Save our environment".

Online meeting Coordinators of Works for Youth at Risk – India...

On 24 August 2020 Sr. Runita Borja animated an online meeting with the Coordinators of the Works for Youth at Risk (YaR) of the seven Provinces of the Interprovincial Conference of Indi (PCI).

Annual meeting of the school sector SEPSUR (CICSAL and CONO SUR)

On 24 and 25 July 2020 the annual meeting of the Heads of the Schools of the SEPSUR School Sector was held with the Representatives of the Youth Ministry of CICSAL and CONO SUR.

Online Youth Ministry Meetings – Higher Education Institutions (ISS-FMA)

On 20, 22, and 23 July 2020, the online meetings of the Youth Ministry Sector were held with the referents of the FMA Higher Education Institutions (ISS-FMA).

Time for Nature

On 5 June 2020 the World Day of the Environment is celebrated.

Online meeting on the School in India

On May 30, 2020, the General Councilor for Youth Pastoral Ministry animated a video conference with the Referents of the Schools of the Seven Provinces of the Interprovincial Conference of India (PCI).

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