Hong Kong (China). On May 1-5, the Interprovincial Conference of East Asia (CIAO) was held on the topic “Educate for the common home”.

Present at the meeting were the Provincials of the 9 Provinces/Preprovinces of the Conference, the Province Coordinators for Youth Pastoral, and the persons responsible for the Schools.  The meeting was animated by Sr. Runita Borja, Councilor for Youth Pastoral, and by Sr. Sarah Garcia, collaborator in the Youth Pastoral Sector.  It was introduced by a Lectio on the multiplication of the bread and the generous offering of a child, which provided the context for the meeting that had two themes: the establishment of the CIAO School/FP Commission and studying the theme that the Institute is currently taking on the education of young people for the care of the common home.

This meeting was the fifth encounter of CIAO since 2008, of reflection on the theme of the School, sign of a long pondered journey so that the scholastic realities that are often very diverse in Asia could have some coordination and sharing of resources.  The meeting defined: the structure of the Commission, the vision, the objectives, the Commission members, and the work rhythm.  In the month of September, each Province will propose its reference person in order to organize the roles and work of the Commission.

The meeting also considered some themes of interest for the care of the common home like the proposal of the Institute, “Together, we can”, that presents in Salesian style the project, “I can – Design for Change”, education to citizenship, migrations, and other themes connected to human rights.

Each sister left with the desire to share the journey made with the Province so that there can be ulterior reflection and it can be adopted by everyone, also with the clear awareness that all which was listened to  requires eyes open to reality and the will to desire to contribute to a better world.


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