Rome (Italy). In the heart of Salesian January 2024, the General Postulation presents the Dossier of Postulation 2023 with all the events and steps taken in the past year. The Salesian Postulation concerns 173 among Saints (10), Blesseds (117), Venerables (20), Servants of God (26). The Causes directly followed by the Postulation are 58 (plus 5 extra).

Among these, there are those of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians: in addition to Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello, 7 Blesseds (Laura Vicuña, Sister Maddalena Morano, Sister Eusebia Palomino, Sister Maria Romero, Sister Maria Troncatti, the Martyrs of Spain – Sister Maria Carmen Moreno Benitez and Sister Maria Amparo Carbonell Munoz – two Venerables (Sister Laura Meozzi and Sister Teresa Valsè Pantellini), two Servants of God of which the diocesan inquiry is ongoing (Sister Antoinette Böhm and Mother Rosetta Marchese).

“From Don Bosco to our days is attested a tradition of holiness that deserves attention, because it embodies the charism that originated from him and that was expressed in a plurality of states of life and forms”, writes Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, Postulator General for the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family in the presentation of the Dossier.

An important event will mark this year for the causes of the FMA: the closure of the diocesan investigation of the Cause of Canonization of Mother Antoinette Böhm, scheduled for Sunday, April 28, 2024. Experts are also studying some cases of healing obtained through the intercession of the FMA Blesseds and Venerables and Laura Vicuña.

The Superior General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Chiara Cazzuola, in her Message on the occasion of the online Event “In the circle of FMA Holiness” said:

“We have a great wealth in our hands and it is up to our creativity and resourcefulness to present the timeliness of the witness of our Saints, Blesseds, Venerables and Servants of God as artisans of peace and communion. They were able to incarnate the Words of God through methods and languages understandable to the men and women of our time, especially to young people. For this reason, we insist on the activation of bonds of communion, collaboration, and twinning between the Causes that have forms of spiritual kinship for history and spirituality”.

Rediscovering and valuing these bonds help to consolidate Christian identity in the wake of Don Bosco and to discover the hidden gift of holiness that each one is called to offer.

You are invited to share the graces received in the email box or by ordinary mail to the General Secretariat of the FMA Institute.


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