Rome (Italy). On 30 October 2023, close to the Solemnity of All Saints, the General Secretariat of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians invites the Educating Communities to participate in an online formation and prayer meeting with the intercession of the candidates at the altars.

After last year’s event, FMA 150 Holy Ween – the prayer initiative in streaming connection with the significant places where the Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God of the FMA are buried or particularly remembered – the proposal of this year is in continuity with the Third Seminar for the promotion of the Causes of Beatification and Canonization of the Salesian Family, which took place in Turin from 6 to 10 September 2023.

The online meeting has the dual purpose of formation and prayer, to revive the animation service of the Causes. Promoting the Causes, in fact, is part of the educational and evangelizing mission of every Community and must be favored in the provincial animation service, given that each of these figures is a gift to the Province, to the Institute, to the Church.

Today the testimony of the Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God is particularly relevant. They lived as artisans of peace and communion; they were “Words of God incarnate”, who in Salesian style and according to the originality of each one, offered a creative response to the needs of their context and times. Not only did they not give in to difficulties and evil, but they were able to transform problems into opportunities for the redemption and transformation of the social fabric in which they worked.

Laura Vicuña, Maddalena Morano, Maria Troncatti, Eusebia Palomino, Maria Romero, Maria Carmen Moreno Benitez, Maria Amparo Carbonell Munoz, Laura Meozzi, Teresa Valsè Pantellini, Antonietta Böhm, Rosetta Marchese are figures that everyone can feel close to. It is possible to study them, discovering particularly current aspects. Ask for their intercession with faith to entrust situations and people in difficulty. Their lives were a gift to those who knew them, but even now they can help those in need.

During the connection – starting from 5.00 pm Rome time – the miracles recognized and attributed to the intercession of the Blesseds will be described. They are signs of the active charity that binds heaven and earth. With faith, supported by prayer and animation, it is possible to extend the gift of their intercession to others.

In fact, the Church recalls: “In the lives of the Saints you offer us an example, in their intercession a help, in the communion of grace a bond of fraternal love. Comforted by their testimony, let us face the good fight of faith.” (Preface of the Saints)

For this reason, spreading knowledge and devotion to these figures is the commitment of those who wish to share a precious gift.

The program:

  • Greeting of the Mother General of the FMA Institute, Sister Chiara Cazzuola.
  • The animation of the Causes of Saints and the request for intercession: experiences and good practices (Fr. Pier Luigi Cameroni, Postulator General of the Salesian Family).
  • Fame of holiness, fame of signs, theological and scientific elements necessary for the recognition of a miracle (Sister Francesca Caggiano, Vice Postulator of Mother’s Cause).
  • Recognized miracles of our Blesseds (in many voices).
  • Let us pray together through the intercession of our candidates at the altars.

Link to direct streaming


  1. Que momento sublime e de muita FÉ!!!! Obrigada de coração a todas as responsáveis por esta bela experiência! Vamos renovar nossa FÉ no Deus da VIDA, confiando na intercessão de nossas veneráveis e Beatas! Vamos divulgar a VIDA delas, especialmente de Laura do Carmo Vicuña! Que muitos adolescentes e jovens descubram e confiem em Deus e em Nossa Senhora, como a Beata Laura do Carmo Vicuña e descubram o SENTIDO da VIDA! Obrigada de coração por este momento forte de preparação ao Dia de todos os Santos e Santas! Preces e forte abraço! Ir. Maria de Nazaré Lima/BMM – Alto Araguaia/MT

    • Gracias por darnos a conocer la santidad de nuestras hermanas,que en la vida cotidiana comprendieron ser santas como Dios es santo. Nos demuestran que nuestro carisma vivido en la alegria del cotidiano siempre nos llevara alcanzar la santidad.

  2. Come Salesiana Cooperatrice sono felicissima di ringraziare tutta la famiglia Salesiana x questo bellissimo evento.

  3. Una bella iniziativa che ci invita a seguire i passi dei nostri santi. La santità e per tutti ed possibile essere santi nella quotidianità quando si vive con Gesù e per Gesù.

  4. Que linda iniciativa. Que la FZA de Santidad de ntras hnas nis ayude a pedir por la Paz en El mundo… Un abrazo de Paz Sor Aida


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