Rome (Italy). On 24 January 2023, on the liturgical feast of St. Francis de Sales, a preview of a video was published and disseminated which aims to update some aspects of the personality of the patron saint of journalists.

The short film was made by the young reporters of Cube Radio, the academic broadcast of the Salesian University Institute of Venice (Iusve), in view of the Conference which will take place on 28 January at the basilica of Sant’Antonio in Padua, to celebrate the centenary of the proclamation of St. Francis de Sales as patron saint of journalists

The director and video editing of the short film are by Matteo Contarin, the graphics by Marica Padoan, also the author of an illustration that updates the figure of St. Francis de Sales, and the editorial coordination by Aurora Simionato, manager of the Cube Radio schedule.

“The research path that we activated on the figure of the Holy Bishop of Geneva, explains Aurora Simionato, revealed to us the physiognomy of a man able to communicate through images and to convince without opposing. Yesterday as today, however, the path of information reception is distorted by mental shortcuts that lead us to select information homogeneous to our thinking, rather than to seek the truth. We can activate formation courses to try to break down cognitive biases.”

The video teaser of the short film is available on the site, as well as on the sites of Unione Cattolica Stampa Italiana (UCSI) and Higher Institute of Educational Research (Isre), while the complete documentary, lasting 5 minutes, will be broadcast through the same channels starting from 28 January. The conference will be accessible to deaf people, of whom St. Francis de Sales is patron, thanks to the translation into Italian sign language.


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