Chiúre (Mozambique).  On 5 December 2020, a group of young people of the Farm of Hope, who arrived a few months ago in Santa Isabel di Chiúre to start a missionary experience,  involved adults, young people of the parish community, and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello Community of Chiúre on a journey in the spirit of pilgrimage, climbing Mountain Kuphe.

On the horizon of the Liturgical Season of Advent and in the heart of the novena of the Immaculate Conception, the young people themselves guided the whole experience of reflection and prayer. Arriving at the top, they animated the rosary and directed meditation on the Word of God, alternating songs and encouraging internalization and sharing of personal experiences.

Something new is being born: youth volunteering. The experience awakened in young people the beauty and joy of giving themselves, sharing their time and, with creativity, approaching the most vulnerable, alleviating the suffering of children, women, and young people forced to flee their lands of origin. In this way, the awareness of joining efforts by pooling different perspectives to support hope is consolidated.

The Chiúre mission has become a large tent that welcomes those arriving from different backgrounds so that everyone feels they are brothers and sisters. “We dream as a single humanity, as travelers made of the same human flesh, as children of this same land that hosts us all, each with the richness of their faith or convictions, each with their own voice, all sisters and brothers!” (Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti  No. 8).

At this time of Christmas, with the desire to bring everyone a message of peace and hope, began the preparation for moments of prayer and sharing of goods in the various reception centers that the FMA Community accompanies.


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