Adwa (Ethiopia). One year and five months after the start of the conflict in Ethiopia, which broke out in November 2020, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult and aid to the population is essential.

The school of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians welcomes children and young people from kindergarten to secondary school. Families have no money to pay school fees and the Sisters are unable to pay salaries.

Persistent drought worsens the already unfavorable conditions of the soil, which is rather rocky, and requires great determination to be cultivated, putting farmers to the test.

There is a lack of food both in the mission, for the workers with their families, and in the seven refugee camps that host thousands of children and mothers who are helpless in the face of this tragedy. They ask for bread; the signs of malnutrition are now evident in their bodies.

What is needed for personal hygiene is lacking and consequently skin diseases increase, causing further suffering.

With the approach of Easter, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, listening to the cry of the poor of that land, joins the sufferings of the population in prayer and concrete solidarity with the certainty that charity unites us and enables us all to be ‘brothers and sisters’.


  1. Offro tutto quanto vivo, giorno dopo giorno, insieme ad una preghiera incessante, in tutti gli spazi liberi, perché il Signore susciti benefattori e conceda il grande dono della PACE con quello della pioggia.


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