Turin (Italia). On 8 November 2020, in Montaldo Torinese (Turin), there took place the inauguration of the Piazza named for Blessed Maddalena Morano, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, born at  Chieri (TO) on 15 November 1847, who as a laywoman taught in the elementary school of the town for twelve years.

The event began with the Holy Mass celebrated by the parish priest, Fr. Enrico Trombino, in the Parish Church of Saints Vittore and Corona of Montaldo Torinese, where Maddalena Morano used to go to pray. Present were the Mayor of Montaldo, Sergio Gaiotti; the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality; and the President of the Montaldo Culture Association.

The FMA of the Piedmontese Province of Mary Help of Christians (IPI), due to the restrictive measures of Covid-19, sent a message of gratitude to the Mayor, to the Municipal Administration, and to the citizens of Montaldo, for having valued the work of Mother Morano, which testifies to the importance of education as an instrument for building a society with human and Christian values.

At the end, the parish priest invited Prof. Valeria Martano, a former teacher, to present the life and mission of Mother Maddalena Morano.

Maddalena Morano arrived in Montaldo Torinese in 1866 as an elementary teacher, initially in girls’ schools and then in boys’ schools, considered more demanding on a disciplinary level. In a short time, through authority and dialogue, she won the esteem and trust of students and the town. In 1878 she answered the call to religious life and was welcomed in Mornese by Mother Mazzarello. In 1879 she made her first religious profession in the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

After her Perpetual Vows she was transferred to Sicily where she directs the work of Trecastagni (Catania). Her apostolate takes place almost entirely in Sicily, where she was animator, formator of novices, Visitor, founder of new communities, until her death in Alì Terme (Catania) on March 26, 1908.

Prof. Martano highlighted the relevance of Mother Morano’s mission and the importance of keeping her memory alive: “In a period like the one we are experiencing of a pandemic, Mother Morano’s life witness urges us to have courage, to face difficulties, not to lose serenity and trust in God. These hills are the places where she carried out her work; it must be made known because it is the bearer of values that today can do everyone good. Maddalena Morano is a sign of unity between distant lands. Sent to Sicily, a ‘land of mission’, the teacher from Montaldo dedicated thirty years of commitment, charity, promotion of the faith, always trusting the help of the Lord and Our Lady. In the name, in the memory, after the example of Mother Morano, this bond must be renewed and strengthened”.

The celebratory moment ended with the inauguration of the piazza in front of the Town Hall. The parish priest blessed the area and those present: “We ask you to infuse your blessing on us, on this piazza, on this plaque, which we place today in memory of Blessed Maddalena Morano. May she be a continuous stimulus for us to strengthen our faith, grow in hope, and be inflamed with charity”.


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