Rome (Italy). Since 11 September 2021, the XXIV General Chapter has been underway at the FMA Generalate in Rome and young people continue to be present, asking the Chapter members to walk together to generate life and hope in the world.

What do you have at heart and what do you want to propose to the Chapter members gathered in Rome to plan the future of the FMA Institute?

“In 2018, I had the opportunity to participate in the Triennial Review of the CICSAL Interprovincial Conference. It was an occasion in which the young people felt heard, our contributions were very important, and we had the opportunity to share with other communities in other countries, and today we continue to be in contact with those young people.


We were able to contribute to the preparation of the Provincial Chapter and what we want to tell the Chapter members today is that there is need for FMA who are present in the courtyards, among the young, available to accompany and welcome us without prejudices.  That the FMA  express the joy of their vocation, be living and credible witnesses of the Gospel, and be courageous in continuing to promote a shared mission”.

(A. S., young woman from Uruguay – CICSAL)

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“To the FMA Chapter members, we encourage you to walk together with young people, to meet those who find themselves in situations of vulnerability, poverty, and violence”.

(M. R. and M. C. of the Sagrado Corazón Community, in Bahía Blanca – Argentina)

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The communities live the educational mission by creating a ‘family’ atmosphere, which is felt by those who frequent them, where young people feel welcomed, listened to, loved, and respected as in a good family, as it was in Valdocco and Mornese.

And increasingly stronger is the need for the family climate to become contagious, engaging, formative for all those who are encountered, moving together towards the new frontiers of education that await a concrete response TODAY.

(CF Survey FMA Communities that generate new life)


  1. que lindo e empenhativo para nós a mensagem dos jovens ..Eles nos querem ver no meio deles no pátio é o melhor LUGAR para conhece-los mais de perto importante é o nosso TESTEMUNHO … ALEGRIA de viver a nossa consagração !


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