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Rome (Italy). On July 14, 2019, at the Novitiate of Castel Gandolfo, a group of sisters from St. John Bosco (IRO), celebrated 50 and 60 years of Religious Profession.

A day rich in memories, emotions, interiority: a ‘beautiful’ day in the Salesian style, amid the marvelous creation.

Together with Sr. Angela Maria and Sister Gabriella, we met again with Sr. Luisa, Sr. Agnese, and Sr. Giovanna of the ‘60s’ and Sr. Laura, Sr. Franca, Sr. Albina, Sr. Caterina, and Sr. Cecilia of the ‘50s’.

Upon arrival, the cordiality of the novices welcome us as if they had always known us and then there are Sister Teresa – the Formator, Sister Maria, Sister Zofia, Sister Elena who immediately make us feel at home, and we go around to inspect our ‘own’ novitiate , now very changed …

In the chapel we meet for the Eucharistic celebration, which is simple but solemn: the entrance procession starts the ceremony and the songs animate the liturgical prayer.

Fr. Francesco Marcoccio, SDB who presides over the celebration, adheres to the scriptural texts of the day, applying them to the circumstance and emphasizing the beauty of a life spent in the Salesian charism and concludes: “The Lord will vindicate you”! For each of our little ‘yeses’ He, faithful to His promise, gives the hundredfold!

When the vows are renewed after the homily, the emotion is great. How can we forget the first time the formula that defined our life as God’s ‘property’ was pronounced with joy and trepidation? How many memories in that chapel! The encounters ‘face to face’ with the Lord of our lives, the confessors of ‘those’ times who guided us and traced a path on which God’s faithfulness has always supported and guided us…

Then the ‘wedding’ dinner! and the gift of Sr. Angela Maria for each one prepared with great finesse and elegance. We find ourselves in the community room to experience a moment of joy and fraternity. Carmen and Helga animate the game ‘Memory’, which is interspersed with memories of life lived in ‘our times’ which today arouse hilarity and almost incredulous wonder!

In the evening we go to St. Rosa for the encounter with Mother and the Councilors. All joyfully welcome the sisters and when Mother arrives the conversation becomes even more animated. Mother emphasizes the sense of gratitude and joy that characterizes this anniversary. An anniversary that must make us happy to have spent our lives for God and for the young people we have met in these years. Mother adds that the response is every day, it is personal, and, the more generous it is, the more joy it gives us! So happy life!

It is a day to rekindle the fire of joy, of fraternity, of the faithful following of Christ.


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