Nazareth (Israel). Saturday, 22 June, 2019 Salesian joy permeated the meeting with many Past Pupils who had completed their studies at the School of Nazareth from 2004 to today.  They gathered with their teachers and professors, recalling the past spent together, the things they learned, the pranks they played, the gestures of good accepted and given … and all this generated an indescribable joy!

It is not difficult to imagine the path taken to reach the goal of such a fruitful meeting of gratitude … In fact initially, some more sensitive and active past pupils were called together. A mixed commission of young people, FMA teachers, and lay people was formed with them who reached the school friends of the various years and together prepared the various stages of the meeting.

A great album awaited the registration of many names (the faces of those present) with their telephone contacts…

Two large panels set up in the area in front of the theater-hall were waiting. One was for suggestions, encouragement, advice, beautiful words full of kindness and gratitude, and the other, for proposals and ideas to be implemented in the school: encouraging messages for the students and the pupils present at school this school year, because they are protagonists and can give their best in the school environment where they spend many hours of their youthful life!

Then there were many photos and videos to document the joy and exuberance of the young, to renew the youth of the teachers present and to make us, the FMA,  aware of the living presence of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, who give smiles of peace to those who continue to educate Salesianly in Palestine and Israel.



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