Rome (Italy). On 24 June 2023, the mother of the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, Mrs. Isabel Artime García, died in Luanco, Spain, after a long illness lived in peace. His father, Mr. Ángel Fernández Fernández, had passed away on 15 September 2021.

The Rector Major reached out to the Salesian confreres, all the members of the Salesian Family, the laity, and young people with a letter:

“My dear brothers and sisters, SDB, friends all, I am writing these lines because my mother, Isabel, went to meet the Lord. We who remained here, all my family, and those who loved and cared for her, and above all my sister and I, can do nothing but deeply thank the Lord our God for a life as beautiful as the one our parents had, and today in particular, our mother who went to heaven.

Our mother, Isabel Artime García, was born on 15 March 1936 in Luanco (Asturias), Spain. She left us, therefore, at the age of 87. She started working very early, after attending the village school for a few years. She was born in the year in which the Spanish Civil War began and therefore hunger accompanied her throughout her childhood. Also, like many families of the time, her mother’s family was large. She had seven other siblings. She always worked among nets and fish, like a family of fishermen, for five generations. She also worked in the village fish cannery. By marrying at the age of 24, she had learned to take care of a family, to look after and maintain a home, to cook (she was a great cook!), to work among the fish, and to work in whatever life asked of her.

And above all, she took care of all of us with so much affection and love. All of this: affection, love, care, respect for people, never speaking ill of anyone, always doing good and avoiding evil, having God present in our lives, was instilled by our mother in the depths of our being. This was the family way and Dad totally supported it.

Today, my sister and I thank God that we had wonderful parents and a wonderful mother. A gift in her simplicity, kindness, and charity towards others.

Today we thank God because they have passed on to us a wonderful faith, a very deep faith, in a simple way. Their example of life has always been the best catechesis.

This was their response, for example, when I told them I wanted to be a Salesian. Today we give thanks because they have always wanted their children to be formed, to prepare for life, and to do what they felt they should do if it was good for them.

Today we simply give thanks because the Lord of Life has blessed us so much, up to the last moment, through these parents and this mother. A mother who has lived the last five years accompanied by illness, but living everything in great peace.

And today we deeply thank the Lord for the gift He has given me and my sister by calling my mother to meet Him with so much peace, so much serenity, without suffering, and without pain. Undoubtedly, Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Mother Help of Christians, to whom she was so devoted in both invocations, took her by the hand to let her meet her favorite Son.

Mamma! Our prayers and those of many people who love us, we offer them for you. Rest in peace in the Lord. We will find ourselves in him”.

The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians join in the prayer of the Salesian Family in suffrage for Mrs. Isabel and entrust Fr. Ángel and his family to the protection of Mary Help of Christians, who consoles and supports on the journey and in the trials of life.


  1. Carissimo don Artime,
    in questo momento di dolore per la perdita della sua cara mamma Isabel; le siamo vicini con la Preghiera.

    Sentite Condoglianze

    i Salesiani Cooperatori della Liguria .

  2. Spontanea una preghiera.
    Spontaneo anche un parallelo: mamma Margherita, questa mamma e la mia, Rita.
    Così simili eppure così speciali, icone significative della loro epoca. Il meglio del Cristianesimo. Vissuto.
    Noi? Chiamati al meglio! Grande responsabilità.
    Ciao a tutti.

  3. Caro don Angel Artime, noi 5 sorelle FMA della casa VILLA TABOR di Cesuna siamo vicine a te e alla tua cara sorella in quest’ora di dolore per il distacco dalla vostra carissima mamma. Facciamo dono a Lei della nostra preghiera di suffragio e pet voi invochiamo da Maria la sua consolazione materna.
    Per tutte, sr. Ileana

  4. Carissimo Don Angel,ho saputo della notizia della perdita della tua cara mamma.
    Un dolore grandissimo,la mia mamma se ne è andata il 26 settembre 2013 e ha lasciato un grandissimo vuoto.Prego per la tua cara mamma che al fianco della nostra amata Maria Ausiliatrice e di il buon Gesù ti proteggerà sempre e sarà sempre orgogliosa di avere un figlio come te.
    Ti abbraccio forte.
    Emanuele Damiano ex allievo sales

  5. Praying for the repose of Mrs. Isabel Artime García and entrust our Rector Major Fr.Angel Fernández and his family to the Maternal Care of Mary Most Holy.


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