Rome (Italy). On 23 June 2023 in Rome, at the CONI Hall of Honor, Sr. Maria Trigila, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians of the Sicilian Province Mother Maddalena Morano (ISI), as part of the “FAIR PLAY for LIFE” initiative, was awarded by the Italian National Fair Play Committee.

The Italian National Fair Play Committee, born in 1994 and chaired by Ruggero Alcanterini, is a meritorious association of CONI, a member of the International Committee and of the European Fair Play Movement, which supports ethical behavior by civil society as an important driver of development for the revitalization of the Italian economy. The Ceremony was held under the patronage of CONI and of Sports and Health, in collaboration with ACSI – Association of Culture, Sports, and Leisure chaired by Antonino Viti, and the support of the Occhio dell’Arte APS Cultural Association.

Numerous awards have been assigned to professionals and representatives of the military, artistic and journalistic world in various fields: Art, Information, Entertainment, Sports, and Society.

Sr. Maria Trigila received the prize in the Society section as a teacher, for having made education to the truth one of the cornerstones of her teaching. For several years, she has been teaching Italian at Don Bosco Villa Ranchibile School of Palermo, of the Salesians of Don Bosco in St. Paul Province (ISI) and to prison inmates.

Sr. Maria dedicated the Award to Mother Antonia Colombo – 8th Superior General of the FMA Institute, who passed away in 2019 – because she said, “Mother Antonia Colombo accompanied me to know how to combine sense of responsibility, educational passion, respect for the dignity of the person, teaching me that the red thread that unites the three values is the joy of the gift.

In my teaching, I try to convey with simplicity what has been witnessed to me. And this happens both with the young people of the classical high school and with those young people who are wounded in the soul for various reasons, who live in a prison situation. In truth, the Award should be given to Don Bosco and Mary Domenica Mazzarello, who have placed in our hands an educational charism based on optimism, inner joy, attention, and care for the person.”

The message was then completed by Fr. Pasquale Sanzio, SDB, Bursar of the Ranchibile, called by Sr. Maria as a testimony of an educational-pastoral work in the School conceived and carried out together between the FMA and the Salesians. Fr. Pasquale said that loyalty, honesty, justice, and peace are all elements of Don Bosco’s Preventive System, who said that the most beautiful word to come out of God’s hands is joy.

During the morning, which was attended by the Animator of Mary Help of Christians Community of the FMA Generalate, Sr. Carla Castellino, with a representation of the FMA: Sr. Mara Tagliaferri, President of the National CIOFS; and Sr. Francesca Scibetta, National Coordinator of the Salesian Youth Sports Centers (PGS). The Awards were followed by performances by the Italian Army Band and testimonials.

Among the topics addressed, the correct rules of information, the fight against the mafia starting from school teaching, with the viewing of the short film, “The truth lives,” the work of the children of Don Bosco Villa Ranchibile School, the protection of health, and the fight against doping.

During the ceremony, Sr. Maria was called again by the journalist of the Foreign Press Office, Lisa Bernardini, presenter of the event, to send a message to the young people. Recalling the communicative value of reciprocity taught to her by Mother Antonia, she reiterated that the guiding point of the encounter between young people and teachers is above all in listening and dialogue.


  1. Como é bom constatar que nossas irmãs estão sendo reconhecidas pelos trabalhos realizados no meio popular. Trabalho sério, responsável, carregado de amor à vida e ao desenvolvimento dela no decorrer do tempo. Parabéns queridas Irmãs Salesianas.

  2. Congratulations dear sr. Maria. Thank you for receiving this award for the great work you are doing. I am rejoicing with you.
    Kathleen Taylor fma

  3. Parabéns Irmã Maria Trigila pela premiação fruto de bom trabalho educativo salesiano para os e as jovens da querida Italia.


  4. Complimenti suor Maria, per il premio ricevuto come riconoscenza per il tuo lavoro, espressione della tua presenza generatrice di vita nella vita dei giovani.
    Mi rallegro con te, per te, per l’Istituto e soprattutto PER LORO.
    Un abbraccio forte.

  5. Parabéns, Sr. Maria Trigila, pelo prêmio recebido. que você possa continuar se dedicando com todo entusiasmo, competência e dedicação na busca do bem, da verdade e da vida. Deus a abençoe!

  6. Que alegria Sor Maria Trigila. Felicitaciones, gozo contigo, saber conjugar El Sistema preventivo… Con bondad y sencillez. Un abrazo desde Damasco. Sor Aida Roncal

  7. Congratulations dear Sr. Trigila. We remember you …fond memories of your visit to India, Bangalore(INK) years ago

  8. Complimenti per il Premio ricevuto. Che bello ricordare Madre Antonia Colombo. Una grandissima donna, una grandissima Madre. Anche se non sono FMA non mi sono mai persa nessuna delle sue circolari!
    Ringraziate il Signore per avere ricevuto, nella storia della vostra Congregazione, Madri così sapienti.
    sr. Luigina Ariu


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