Bled (Slovenia). New wine in new wineskins is the title of the Provincial Assembly of the Slovenian-Croatian Province Santa Marija di Brezje (SLC), which took place from 24 to 25 August 2018 in Bled.

The assembly was introduced by the Provincial, Sr. Marija Šimenc, who greeted Sr. Marija Pece, Visiting Councilor, who is currently in the Province. At the Good Night, she renews the missionary spirit in all of us through the figure of Sister Maria Troncatti and urges us to be witnesses and workers in the vineyard of new vocations.

The goal of the assembly was to strengthen faith and love for the community and for the mission, and begin looking for the guidelines for next year.

The meeting is animated by the Provincial Councilors, who stimulate us to read and meditate on the Word of God, the Constitutions, and the document New Wine in new wineskins, first personally and then by sharing in small groups and in the assembly.

It reflects and discusses the good aged wine and the good new wine that is present in the communities and in the Province. We realize that everything is in the hands of God, even when life becomes a bit harder, when it surprises or upsets us. The final group work was done by communities so as to make proposals for small, practical steps in our personal life, in the community, and in the mission.

At the Eucharist on Friday 24, we remembered and thanked God and Mary for the 25th anniversary of the Province. Holy Mass was presided by the Provincial, Fr Marko Košnik. In his homily he emphasized that with our female genius we enrich the Salesian Family and the mission among youth, especially among the poorest young people.

The presence of the four Provincials who rendered this service in the last 25 years is very significant: Sister Brigita Zelic, Sister Marija Pece, Sister Marija Šimenc, and Sister Damjana Tramte.

“This time we have gone through together as a Province should not be measured in hours and minutes, but in transformations, personal conversions, and graces received to which we have responded with love and generosity”.

“We cannot say that the time we have lived in these 25 years has been better or worse than the previous decades. Each of us and every community daily had the same number of hours that were donated to Don Bosco and to Maria Domenica Mazzarello, to the first Salesians, to the community of Mornese. The time of our Province was an instrument which only God could play. Our gratitude is up to us; a feeling that is halfway between the received benefit and the implored benefit. Eucharistic gratitude is the best prayer that we can say right now, aware that the most beautiful gratitude for the gifts of God is shown by passing them on to others, especially to young people “.

At the end of the assembly, each community was invited to sow a seed in the soil brought from their home to symbolize the seeds of hope, courage, zeal, trust, and life. We will try to care for it and observe its growth in each one’s community. The days conclude with the singing of the Magnificat, praising the Lord for all He has done and will do within and through the communities.


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