Roma (Italy). On November 1-2, 2019 at Rome, the Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Generalate of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians took place.

A celebrative time of prayer on the theme: “Do whatever He tells you” – Communities that generate life in the heart of contemporaneity, in which there were displayed the empty jars and the good wine, began the journey of the pre-chapter assembly.

There were 21 participants, including Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, the Vicar General, 16 delegates, and 4 invitees of the Generalate community.

“The Pre-Chapter Assembly has the same value as a Provincial Chapter and expresses participation, co-responsibility, and the unity of all the sisters who are part of it.  It is an organ of reflection, of evaluation, and of planning in the community sector.  It is a means of encouraging reciprocal knowledge and strengthening unity and the sense of belonging to the Institute (Cf. C. 156 and Title V of the Statute of the Generalate), as explained by Sr. Chiara Cazzuola in her greeting to the participants.

She then wished us all to live this time as at Cana, listening to what Jesus tells us in order to transform the water of daily life into the wine of new vocational fruitfulness.

The Moderator, Sr. Anna Nizzola, presented the work of the two days and introduced the encounter with Fr. Carlo Maria Zanotti, SDB, who shared a Lectio Divina on the passage of the Wedding of Cana, “Do whatever He tells you!”

“This is the absolute newness:  that Jesus is Love.  The centrality of Christ qualifies the life and mission of the community called to serve with joy and to witness to the proclamation of salvation.  At Cana, the promise made to the disciples is realized.  It is faith in Jesus that unites the community.  This is the new wine that indicates a completely new relationship with God.  We no longer have to do anything to be pleasing to God, but we must accept God’s love and, with Him and like Him, go towards others.”

After a time of silence and personal reflection, there was the introduction of the work of sharing on the contents of the working document shared in the community to respond to the three questions indicated for the preparation of General Chapter XXIV and to elaborate a synthesis.

The methodology of group work and then assembly encouraged a serene and proactive dialogue/sharing, at the end of which there was the approval of the Document synthesis that will be consigned to the Moderator of GC XXIV.

A time of prayer preceded the election of the Delegate to GC XXIV and the Substitute.

In conclusion, there were the words of gratitude  of Sr. Chiara Cazzuola for the serene and serious participation in the work done together, for the sense of belonging to and love for the Institute and the community, living together the experience of discernment, prayer, and sharing.



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