Rome (Italy). The first (of 4) webinars for the Presidents and Delegates of the Federations and Unions of the Past Pupils of the FMA of Italy was held on 26 September 2020.

The aim of the webinars is to offer to past pupils and delegates, formation opportunities to face the process of change and transformation that will characterize the new configuration of the Past Pupils Association in Italy.

The first intervention was entrusted to Dr. Luciana Negri, Sociologist and Director of Social Services, who dealt with the theme: Networking  as a participatory process for social cohesion. The speaker explained that networking represents for the Association, an opportunity for territorial development through subsidiarity, integration, participation, co-planning, to move from an intervention aimed at individual categories, to an intervention intended as the promotion of well-being referred to individuals and families as a whole. It is the mixed public and private social system, which must commit itself to social cohesion and inclusion, passing from the acceptance of diversity and fragility.

The second is held by Fr Pascual Chávez Villanueva who dealt with the theme: “Together”. Way of hope and of the future. He said that the Church speaks of ‘synodality’ to indicate a journey that we are called to take together, according to the practice lived by Don Bosco and that it is urgent to form communities at the service of education by involving all those interested in this mission: parents, educators, professors, owners of the institution, young people, service personnel, etc. in the certainty that, to ensure educational success, the communion of all the people involved in the educational event is necessary by sharing a project.

On 21 September, in response to the possibility offered by the reform of the “Third Sector”, the Italian Entity was set up at a notary’s office in Rome, which brings together the 21 federations assuming the legal form of Association for Social Promotion (APS) and denomination of Mornese Association (APS), lay past pupils networking with the FMA in the world.

Currently, pending registration in the single Register of the Third Sector, operations will be carried out through the Non Uno di Meno ONLUS Association which immediately took on the name Association Mornese (APS), lay-past pupils networking with the FMA in the world.

The name “MORNESE” recalls the roots of the FMA Institute and, in this particular historical moment, the courage of Mary Mazzarello, a lay woman strongly committed to the situation of Mornese in a time of health crisis. In order to give the Association a wider breath, it has been possible to insert lay people who feel called to respond to educational, social, economic, and religious emergencies within and outside the Works of the FMA that challenge our times.

On behalf of the FMA Institute, the Councilor for the Salesian Family, Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda and the World Delegate of the FMA Past Pupils Association, Sr. Gabriela Patiño, were present at the Notarial Act. Representing the FMA Past Pupils Association was the Confederal President Ms. Maria Maghini and Ms. Anna Musso as President of the ONLUS. Due to the COVID assembly restrictions, the 21 presidents of the Italian federations were represented by proxy by the few past pupils who could be present at the act.

Letter of the General Councilor for the Salesian Family


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