Subiaco (Italy). On 20 February 2022, on the 2nd anniversary of the birth into heaven di sr. Maria Pia Giudici (1922-2020), Daughter of Mary Help of Christians of the Province of St. John Bosco (IRO), who placed the Word of God at the center, giving life to San Biagio House of Prayer in Subiaco (Rome), the FMA Community, the Educating Community, and a group of people who knew her gathered to remember her with an event broadcast online.

“Here we are gathered, as a family, to remember a very significant event for all of us, the 2ndnd anniversary of the birth into heaven of Sr. Maria Pia Giudici. We want to remember her together, with a strong sense of gratitude, for what she was and for the legacy she left us, as well as for the unprecedented personal encounter that each of us had with her.  San Biagio house of prayer is an expression of her intuition, a house with open doors, always ready to welcome anyone who comes, and to share the Word in serenity and simplicity. San Biagio is characterized precisely by this specificity: living from the centrality of the Word, confronting the Word, which is the Person of Jesus, and offering the Word as an answer to the great questions of life, to the thirst that is in the heart of every person. Sr. Maria Pia believed in this and made her life a constant encounter with the Word that shaped her day after day”.

With these words, Sr. Vilma Colombo, Animator of the FMA Community, introduced the moment, animated by the reading of some passages from the biography of Sr. Maria Pia Come cerva sui monti, written by Sr. Graziella Curti, FMA, and some videos.

A young man from Subiaco comments on the moment lived:

“Remembering Sr. Maria Pia in San Biagio is as spontaneous as putting the Word of God at the center. The link between the life of our ‘Old Fox of the Mountain’ is so intimately linked to the interiorization of the Holy Scriptures and to the consideration of the Bible as a great educational book, that it is impossible to separate her example from the path of Lectio Divina that she herself traced.

On Sunday we were able to realize how much the teaching of Sr. Maria Pia is still alive and vital, not only at San Biagio. The many Sanbiagian friends who connected via the web from every corner of Italy, and even the world, showed us how much the strength of her approach still represents today a living stone in the hearts of the many who have known her. It is like a dialogue that the bodily end cannot interrupt, because a dialogue that puts the Word of God at the center cannot be interrupted.

Yes, it will therefore burn in our hearts and, by the grace of the Spirit, this poetic and lofty text read, reread, and meditated upon will be the fire of prayerful love to become daily a life of self-giving love. Isn’t this the meaning of lectio divina?”.


Video of the event



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