Bolivia. On 15 May  2021, Campo MaínI entrust them to youtook place, aimed at young people belonging to the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) and to the works of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Province of Our Lady of Peace of Bolivia (BOL) .

The Camp, organized by the Youth Ministry, was attended by more than 200 young people who met in the different FMA Houses and shared the various moments of the experience through the online connection. The FMA, coordinated by Sr. Gabriela Vivero, prepared the welcome with songs and the young women of the Period of Verification and Orientation (PVO) led the moment of the initial prayer.

Sr. Runita Borja, Councilor for Youth Ministry, greeted the young people and proposed the challenge of being able to pass from individualism to generosity, from discrimination to acceptance, from indifference to communion, remembering that God’s love always accompanies them.

In the groups, distinguished by the different colors of the T-shirts, the participants deepened their knowledge of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello with reflections and activities on the most significant episodes of her life. The FMA from different Provinces shared their experience online: Sr. Susy Mamani (United States, SEC) – “The window of Valponasca”; Sister Luz María Ortega (Mexico, MMO) – “The Daughters of Mary Immaculate”; Sister Rosa María Siliezar (El Salvador, CAM) – “The typhus disease”; Sister Cecilia Poblete (Chile, CIL) – “I entrust them to you”; Sister Leidy Orjuela (Colombia, CMA) – “Accompaniment”; Sister Liliana Montaño (Colombia, CBN) – “The Vicar of Mary”; Sister María del Roble Cavazos Bueno (United States, SUO) – “The sewing workshop”.

The experience, also thanks to technology, allowed young people to broaden their gaze and to experiment with creative ways of animation in order to deepen, through Salesian sources, the root of joy.

Campo Main BOL


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