Sing the Mass

The book on the Liturgy was published, a practical guide for choosing the songs "by E. Massimi.


(Rome Italy). The book on the Liturgy “CANTARE LA MESSA” (SING THE MASS) was published, a practical guide for choosing hymns by E. Massimi, CLV-Liturgical Editions, Rome 2019.

“What can we sing at the beginning of the Mass? And at Communion?” Similar questions often resound on Sundays close to the Eucharistic celebration. Often the criterion that seems to guide the choice of hymns, especially when the choir is ‘youthful’, is the ones I like, with the illusion (at least in most cases) that these can favor the active participation of the faithful. This does not mean that in singing we must not experience beauty, or that singing should not excite us, but I like it or dislike it cannot represent the ultimate criterion that determines the choice of a hymn.

Sing the Mass offers to parish priests, formators, liturgical ministers, useful guidelines for the formation and discernment of practices, with specific reference to the Missal and some essential historical and theological notes.

In a workshop mode, the concrete steps to be taken to properly choose each hymn are indicated, which highlights the characteristics relating to the text and the music, the relationship with the other languages ​​of the celebration, without forgetting the ‘actors’, that is, those who can or must ‘put it into practice’.



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