Palermo (Italy). “At the end of life the love received and given remains.”  This is the spiritual heritage of Vito Di Salvo, a Salesian Cooperator who died prematurely.  He lived love for Don Bosco and the children in the Educating Community of Mother Mazzarello Institute in Palermo, of the Sicilian Province Mother Maddalena Morano (ISI).

The FMA School  was a second family for Vito. For this reason his wife, children, and father, with the Animator of Mary Help of Christians Community, Sr. Marisa Prestigiacomo, fulfilled his dream: an outdoor play area for the children of the Primary school.

The project took shape thanks to a fundraiser. To the delight of the little ones, the School had a new playground at the beginning of the school year, with a commemorative plaque in memory of Vito.

Murale Istituto Madre Mazzarello Palermo

A further touch of color was given to a wall in the courtyard of the School, with a mural made by Sr. Ermelinda Ardita, FMA of the ISI Province. Vito’s photo has become the fruit of a tree, whose buds are hearts. Don Bosco rises upward transported by hearts, which represent love, still sown on the earth by those who believe in his educational method and spend themselves on the new generations.

The mural is an invitation to raise your gaze to the sky and be happy because, as a phrase of Don Bosco dear to Vito says: “Joy is the most beautiful creature that came from God’s hands after love”.


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