Haiti. On 14 August 2021 at 14.29 Italian time, in a handful of terrible and very long seconds, an earthquake with a power of 7.2 at a depth of only 10 km, once again shocked Haiti, especially in the South West area. Houses destroyed, lives buried under the debris, flooding due to rising sea … The epicenter has been identified 12 km from Trou de Nippes, whose nearest town is Anse à Vau, which is also close to Jèremie and Les Cayes .

In these three localities, there are three communities of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Province (HAI). There is so much fear, even for the subsequent repetitions, trepidation for the population (we are talking about more than 300 dead and 1,800 injured), for the families of the Sisters,   students,   friends.

Only the low population density in this area saves the country from another human tragedy like that of 2010, where the power of the earthquake had not reached 7 points.

Today we are beginning to see the consequences and disasters, the collapsed houses, and also the insecurity of other structures: churches, public offices, schools.

The three FMA Houses are damaged, cracked, insecure, but the one that suffered the most damage is the House and School of Les Cayes. Already partially ruined in 2010, its renovations were not yet completed, and  already we have to start over. In Les Cayes, the FMA run a large work with all types of schools and a Professional Center with a school population of over 1,500 pupils and Oratorians.

Sr. Vilma Tallone, General Economer of the FMA  Institute, shares: “Once again Sisters of Haiti, friendly entities and benefactors, and the FMA Institute,  will provide help so as not to leave children and young people on the street. September is near and education is a right and is the only certainty of a future for a country that knows neither peace nor tranquility”.


  1. Bien chères Sœurs de Haïti,
    Je prie le Seigneur afin qu’Il soutienne votre espérance et votre foi. Que par Marie, vous puissiez regarder le futur avec audace et espérance, grâce à la solidarité de tant de personnes qui seront généreuses avec vos projets de reconstruction. Dieu vous garde et vous protège. Comptez sur mes prières.

  2. We are one with the people of Haiti in this emergency. We pray for their protection, that no more lives be taken and that the people can begin rebuilding with the solidarity of friends, benefactors and other nations. We pray in a special way for the young people and children and all those affected. God bless and protect the people of Haiti.

  3. Come nel 2010, mi sento vicino ai fratelli e alle sorelle di Haiti, e soprattutto ai bambini, perché la loro crescita in salute di corpo e spirito sia il vero futuro per questo purtroppo sventurato Paese.


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