(Ethiopia). The FMA of “Mary Help of Christians” Preprovince (AES), live the Emergency of Covid-19and support the most vulnerable sections of the South Sudanese population.

In the Communities of the FMA Preprovince, collaborators, teachers, students, families, women are involved in various Covid-19 Projects. They work in unity to reach the poorest and to alleviate the suffering of families and women.

At the end of March 2020 South Sudan started implementing national prevention measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19: suspension of rallies, closure of schools, etc. It is difficult to describe the current situation of COVID-19. The symptoms of the coronavirus are very similar to those of malaria, typhus, pneumonia, and stomach diseases which are already very common in the country.

The precariousness of health facilities, hygiene conditions and practices make it more difficult to fight the pandemic. Children forced to stay at home cannot enjoy the meal they usually get at school. Tribal conflicts continue in many places in South Sudan, the violence affects many families and people are forced to leave the country.

The FMA daily live the mission of accompanying the most vulnerable families, supporting several Covid-19 Projects in Juba, Wau, and Tonj in favor of women and children to help them overcome situations of hardship and suffering due to the Pandemic.

At Juba food and milk continue to be distributed to the women who attend the Mother Mazzarello Promotion Center (about 1,100 women) and to the girls of the literacy school who, even before the lockdown, ate meals here.

A cooperative has been set up that offers job opportunities for families. 80 women work daily in three departments: tailoring-making clothes, agriculture-animal breeding, and catering-pastry-making. The products are then sold in stands set up near the school and the church.

At Tonj since the beginning of May 2020, the ‘milk for babies’ campaign was launched, with the distribution of milk to more than 300 children under the age of 5 and to mothers who breastfeed every day. The FMA promote education in personal hygiene, helping children to wash their hands well before consuming milk. Personal care awareness is also a help in reducing coronavirus contagion.

At Wau the awareness campaign to prevent contagion was intensified. There are conferences on health in general and awareness meetings on Covid-19 for patients of the FMA Health Center. Patients are informed about the pandemic situation, the spread of the virus, symptoms, and preventive measures. The FMA Health Center is very important in Wau, assisting more than 300 patients every day. The waiting area for patients has been expanded to facilitate social distancing during the rainy season.

Respirators, face shields, disposable overalls and gowns, medical goggles, disinfectants were purchased from Kenya.

The Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians collaborates in the mission in favor of populations in situations of hardship, counting on the generosity and solidarity of everyone.

It is possible to send contributions and offerings in the way indicated on the Web Site  of the FMA Institute , by indicating in the reason, emergency indicated.

“God is never outdone in generosity”
(Don Bosco – MB II,254)


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