Santiago (Chile). The FMA send news from St. Gabriel Archangel Province (CIL) about the difficult and painful situation that they are living since October 21, 2019.

“Since October 21, 2019, the inhabitants of Santiago, Chile began mass demonstrations because of the increase in the price of the metro ticket of 30 pesos, that brought the price to $1.19.  The minimum salary is about $420, which would result in a monthly expense of about $47 only for transportation.

This event aggravated the existing social situation in Chile of 30 years of an economic model that still does not satisfy the standard for an equitable and just society: pension system, health, public transport, water privatization, education and social mobility, abuse and corruption.

There have been many episodes of even violent protest, destruction of the metro, looting in the supermarkets and pharmacies.  President Sebastián Piñera has proclaimed a State of Emergency in Santiago City and in other cities of Chile.

There are also peaceful and cultural demonstrations that re-awakened the solidarity and unity of the people. #weareunited.

The dramatic situation of these days has led Chile to suspend activities at Santiago and in the educative and scholastic Communities.  The FMA and the collaborators of Salesian works continue their mission in spite of the difficulties of transportation, the long lines to buy essential goods, the precariousness of work, and the temporary closing of the school. During these difficult and painful times, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians are close to the people, sharing fatigue and suffering and continuing to encourage and nourish hope for a united, just society that respects everyone’s rights.”

The FMA in the world entrust to Mary Help of Christians, help in these difficult times for the situation that is lived in Chile and in many other countries, so that all peoples may be united and enjoy justice and peace.



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