Rome (Italy). The Synod that began on October 6, 2019, is about to conclude and the words of the Pope echo: “the entire Catholic Church is involved in the challenges of a region that is certainly peripheral but whose human, ecological, social, and economic questions impact all of humanity.”

The Amazon Synod was an opportunity for dialogue and sharing.  Thousands of people have made their voices heard, have formulated their proposals, have expressed their opinions for building a church with an Amazon face, a church that brings its essence, its specificity to the universal Church.

Amazon: Common Home, was the reflection, a commitment to bring the Amazon to Rome to allow the faithful and the citizens to understand the reality and the spiritual wealth of this area essential for the present and the future of the planet.

In the Amazon, maloca is the place where the indigenous community sits to simply be, listen, celebrate, and be able to understand what is happening in the life of the community.

Amazon: Common Home in Rome, had this spirit, to be like a ‘Huge Maloca’ where all were able to meet, pray, listen, and share, not as guests, but as brothers and sisters of one large human family.  It was a space for reflection, discussion, dialogue, conversations, but above all of listening and prayer.

In this spirit, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the FMA Generalate, and the communities of Mary, Mother of the Church Preprovince, participated as volunteers in the large tent of the Amazon in the Church of the Trasponitca in Rome.  There they welcomed and accompanied the pilgrims and the Synod participants in this place of intercultural dialogue to walk together on new paths with respect, tolerance, sharing, acceptance, openness, reciprocity, dialogue, and listening.

In these days of the Synod, the various events realized helped in following the steps of the Synod and in nourishing interest, prayer, and solidarity that echo within us, in organizations, in the Church, and in the world.

So much acceptance and prayer that continues to support ‘Amazon: common home’ in respect for diversity in other expressions of the encounter with Christ, even in the face of some sad episodes (theft of statuettes and destruction of Amazonian images) and acts of intolerance: “We ask all people of good will to remain united, to remain firm in their commitment and hope for the defense of life and the Amazon,” reads the Bulletin of 21 October 2019.

“He never tires of repeating: ‘all’. All, because no one is excluded from His heart, from His salvation; all, so that our heart goes beyond human customs, beyond particulars based on the selfishness that God does not like.”  (Pope Francis – Homily October 20, 2019).

Bulletin Amazon Common Home


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