Melbourne (Australia) For some weeks now, Australia is facing a great calamity and the fire continues to devour acres of land.  There have been victims, homes and cities have been destroyed, the smoke has even reached the areas that have not been directly hit by the fires, making the air unbreathable and darkening the sky.

The houses of Mary Help of Christians Province (SPR) of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians situated principally in Melbourne and Sydney, are far from the fire that is hitting above all, rural areas and small cities.  However, both Melbourne and Sydney have been struck by the smoke from the fires.  In going to the apostolate, it is necessary to drive with prudence and sometimes the highways are closed for safety reasons.  However, the Youth Centers and the Summer Camps continue normally.  The FMA, together with other Religious Congregations, continue to support the population through prayer and help in collecting funds in the parish.

The President of the Australian Bishops, Msgr. Mark Coleridge, invites everyone to pray constantly “for those who have lost their life in the fires and for their families, for rain to put out the fires, and for urgent action in favor of our common home in order to prevent these calamities in the future”.

Per approfondire


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