Bangalore (India). From 9 to 11 february 2024, at Don Bosco Skill Mission – Bannerghatta, Bangalore, took place Digital Dynomos ’24, a Workshop to improve Social Communications Coordinators’ abilities and knowledge on PRO roles, AI, 3D animations, and cyber security.

The goal of the Workshop, organized by PCI’s Social Communications Coordination, was to equip them with the tools to engage their communities and advance their causes.  21 Coordinators and Team members gathered from the seven Provinces of India met to exchange ideas, discover best practices, and plan effective communication initiatives.

Sr. Maria Rajeshwari, PCI National Delegate for Social Communications, gave a hearty welcome to kick off the inaugural session. Her incisive comments, which emphasized the value of effective communication in accomplishing social goals, with the Strenna 2024, “The dream that makes you dream.” A heart that transforms the “wolves” into “lambs” set the tone for the workshop.

The first day focussed on the roles of PRO (Public Relations Officer) facilitated by Rev. Dr. Cyril Victor, the Director of CCBI Social Communication Sector, and the Bangalore Arch Diocese Communication Ministry. The topic was introduced and emphasized with many examples and a ‘mock interview’, to give a practical experience for the sisters. Case studies provided real-world examples, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

As per the words of Don Bosco, the FMAs envision standing by the signs of the time and so the sisters were introduced to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its uses and impediments concerning social media management, content creation, and community engagement. Participants engaged in interactive workshops and discussions, exchanging ideas and refining communication strategies. The atmosphere was dynamic and collaborative, with attendees eagerly learning from each other’s experiences.

The journey of the Digital Dynamos proceeded to the learning of 3D animations and concluded with Cyber Security. The participants delved into analytics, crisis communication, and action planning.

The workshop concluded with a closing ceremony, where certificates were distributed to participants in recognition of their commitment to enhancing their skills in social communications. The Coordinators are prepared to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice and make significant contributions to the communication initiatives in FMA India going forward.


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