Lorena (Brazil) The team of the materials, textures, and modeling laboratory, linked to the Research Doctorate and to the specialized degree courses of Teresa of Avila University Center (UNIFATEA), mobilized against the Covid-19 emergency with a network for the production of face shields and personal protective equipment (PPE) using 3D printers. The activity takes place in collaboration between teachers, students, and employees of three Higher Education Institutes: UNIFATEA, Lorena Engineering School (EEL / USP), and Serra Dourada College.

The face shields, used to prevent infections and increase the protection of professionals who work to eradicate the coronavirus, are reusable, adjustable, and protect the face, nose, mouth, and eyes from contact with contagious particles. Facial screens are donated to the municipal health network teams in the city of Lorraine. Donations can be extended to nearby cities, as the team that produces the devices receives more primary material necessary for the production of the pieces.

The project is part of a series of initiatives carried out by a network called Smart Society, made up of teachers, students, and employees of the major University Centers of the city of Lorraine who collaborate with local businesses to implement ideas and new projects to help society at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The network is extending to partners from other cities in the Paraíba valley, such as Guaratinguetá, Cruzeiro, Taubaté, and Pindamonhangaba.


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