Huelva (Spain). Sr. Marcia Koffermann, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians of the Province of O.L. Aparecida (BAP), on 28 March2023, at the University of Huelva, concludes the study program in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Communication the Universities of Huelva, Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga with the thesis entitled: Educommunication for integral training in the information society: an analysis by the Brazil Salesian Schools Network.

Present at the discussion of the thesis were the Supervisor, Dr. Ignacio Aguaded; the Commission made up of the President, Dr. María Luisa Sevillano García; the Secretary, Dr. Donaciano Bartolomé Crespo; and Dr. Gabriela Borges; other Doctors and Students of the Doctoral Program in Communication of the University of Huelva; Dr. Ismar de Oliveira Soares of the University of São Paulo, who guided Sr. Marcia in the thesis, the PhD students of the University of Huelva, and the Professors from different countries who accompanied the PhD student were connected online.

The thesis explores the studies on Educommunication as a theory and practice developed in Latin America and understood as a proposal for integral formation, capable of giving concrete answers to the challenges that society places before educational processes in the contemporaneity, including the impact in educational processes, excess production and circulation of information produced without professional verification criteria in a phenomenon identified as Infodemia.

Faced with this context, the hypothesis raised is that Educommunication, as a guiding paradigm for the creation and development of communicative ecosystems that favor dialogue and the protagonism of educational subjects, represents an effective response to formation processes that take into consideration the integrality and multidimensionality of the person and the joint development of the community, committed to collective well-being.

To verify this hypothesis, it was decided to carry out an analysis of the commitment of the schools of the Salesian Brazil Network with reference to Educommunication, considering the pedagogical intent of the Salesian work in the Latin American continent, in adopting the concept as a transversal action incorporated in daily practice since the beginning of the 21st century.

The proposal envisaged a survey focused on the complexity of the educational ecosystems of schools, involving over 1,600 people. To this end, the methodology used adopted data triangulation. In this way – through different techniques implemented with different groups from different regions of Brazil, with particular attention to the singularities of each reality – a broad mapping has been achieved on how Educommunication is applied and lived in Salesian educational contexts in Brazil.

The results of the research indicated that, in the period of its implementation, the Infodemic had an effective power to directly affect the school routine but that, on the other hand, its effects were counterbalanced based on the depth of the Educommunication work carried out in each community. For the good progress of the Salesian proposal in the future, it is concluded that every school must act in a dialogical way, not only with the students, but also with the families and institutions which contribute to the formation of public opinion. That is, when the Educommunication proposals are able to leave the school walls and interact with the territory in which they are located.

The Examining Commission awarded Sr. Marcia Koffermann the title of Doctorate, with the highest qualification “Excellent with Honors” and with “International Mention”.


  1. Congratulations Sr. Marcia! Thank you for taking on this task to help many others in this field. United in prayer.

  2. Parabéns Ir. Márcia! Somos felizes com você! Educomunicar é um grande gesto de AMAR!

  3. Ir Marcia comparto la alegría, que es del instituto. Todo por el bien de los jóvenes. Gracias por tu esfuerzo en la búsqueda de caminos nuevos en la educación y evangelización.

    • Felicitaciones sor Marcia.
      Gracias por el aporte que ofrece a la formacion integral de los jovenes, por seguir encarnando el carisma con fidelidad creativa.
      Buena misión.

  4. Felicitaciones Marcia celebro este título que es cierre de un proceso y continuidad creciente en una misión al servicio de los jóvenes. Abrazo grande

  5. Tanti auguri Irma Marcia. Una significativa ricerca sull’Educomunicazione. Auguri di servizio pastorale.

  6. Felicitaciones a Suor Marcia, por El gran aporte q darà a las futuras generazione… Un abrazo de Felicitaciones. Sor Aida


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