Lorena (Brazil). Nursing students from the Teresa D’Avila University Center (UNIFATEA) of Lorraine, in the Province of Our Lady Aparecida (BAP), contribute to the Vaccination Campaign in collaboration with the Lorraine Department of Health.

The vaccination process of the Lorraine population began on 21 January  2021. From the very beginning, the Lorraine Department of Health  involved the students of UNIFATEA in putting their skills at the service of the territory. About 50 students of the last year of the Nursing Course collaborated as volunteers with the guidance of teachers Mara Falavigna and Bruna Pinheiro Concolato.

Everyone was able to contribute, including some early years students. Loren, a 4th level Nursing student, says that since she chose the Nursing Course her goal has always been to help others “When the opportunity to participate in the Vaccination Campaign presented itself, I accepted without thinking about it twice! It is my first commitment in the health field, and every day is a unique experience.”

For Maria Eduarda, a Nursing student of the 8th level, the experience served as an internship that every nurse must go through to graduate. Maria Eduarda considers the participation of students to be significant in making the vaccination process faster and more effective, since there are many people and of different age groups.

“At the beginning of the school year, we had lectures on the virus, tests, and how nurses should act in pandemic situations. We were educated and delved into the literature released by the World Health Organization (WHO). The moment we live in generates insecurity, as we are inundated with unreliable statistics and fake news every day. People come to the Vaccination Center asking for clear and correct information,” says the student.

The students of other UNIFATEA University Courses support the team of professionals who deal with vaccines in the organization of environments and the flow of people, dedicating their time and making themselves available in this particular historical time.



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