Torre Annunziata (Italy) In this time of emergency because of Covid-19, in spite of the fragility, impotence, and fear testimonies and expressions of solidarity multiply as the sign of great humanity and closeness.   As the hospitals are desperately struggling to keep alive as many people as possible, and they are many, the exhortation is to remain at home in order to avoid putting at risk one’s own life and that of others, it is important to speak of a rediscovered relationship, or the wonder of rediscovering oneself skilled in certain activities, trying to find the physical and psychological strength to reinvent and manage a daily life that has suddenly changed.

The Community of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of St. Mary D. Mazzarello Institute of Torre Annunziata, Naples, belonging to the Southern Province of Our Lady of Good Counsel (IMR), composed of 45 members whose median age is about 85 years, felt even more strongly the need be attentive to this age that is fragile, weak, and vulnerable like earthen vessels by taking care of everyone’s health as far as possible.

The work of the FMA  who are ‘somewhat healthier’ and of the personnel has certainly increased due to the responsibility that includes the continual adoption of precautions and measures of prevention, in addition to the commitment to insure spiritual care and times of fraternity with the ‘required distance’.

In reality, this vulnerable condition is common to all and one discovers that feeling vulnerable distances self-referencing, pride, the temptation to avoid looking at reality, of feeling we are not made of clay, thus finally making room for the power of God who saves.

The FMA of Torre Annunziata take as their own the expression so usual for these days, “All will be well” that sustains us on this journey, in the certainty of being under the protection of the Help of Christians.


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