San Paolo (Brazil). On January 19, 2018, at the end of the annual Retreat at Mariporã – SP, in the Retreat House of the Carmelite Sisters, seven young women of Brazil received the medal for entrance into the Interprovincial Novitiate Our Lady of Grace in St. Catherine of Siena Province (BSP).

“During the novitiate, the young women will study what it means to live as an FMA in the spirit of the covenant, following Christ according to the charismatic identity outlined in the Constitutions”. (Formation Plan, 126).

The novices undertake to strengthen their “YES” in fidelity to God and, at the school of Mary, live this privileged moment of studying the Constitutions and witnessing the joy of their vocation.

The seven novices who have entered the Novitiate are:

  1. Bruna de Paula Elias – 1º – BSP
  2. Bruna Rodrigues Lôbo – 1º Year – BBH
  3. Luana Keity da Silva Oliveira – 1º Year – BSP
  4. Natalina Ferreira Melo – 1º Year – BMT
  5. Rafaela Moraes da Silva – 1º Year – BMA
  6. Justiane Pinheiro Ferreira – 1º Year – BMT
  7. Isadora Chilioni Oliveira – 1º Year – BSP

Sr. Rosângela Maria Clemente is the Novice Formator, the Assistant is Sr. Ana Maria Gomes Cordeiro (BBH); Sr. Helena Gesser – Provincial – BSP, Sr. Vani Alves Moreira – BBH, Sr. Célia Regina Pinto – BSP;

Four second year Novices:

  1. Celene Couto Rodrigues – 2º Year – BSP
  2. Tatiane Cristina das Graças – 2º Year – BBH
  3. Stéphanie Gomes – 2º Year – BMA
  4. Eudenice da Luz Maia – 2º Year – BPA


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