Rome (Italy). World Gratitude Day 2020 is celebrated this year during a special time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On April 25, 2020 in Rome, with Vespers and the traditional Goodnight, in communion with all the Provinces of the world, the start of World Gratitude Day 2020 was celebrated.

Gratitude is the fundamental element of the identity of the FMA. The Feast of Gratitude is a family celebration and makes all the FMA of the Institute feel in communion with Mother General, Sister Yvonne Reungoat. During the time of prayer, gratitude was expressed to Mother, “sign of unity and bond of communion”, of all the Institute’s FMA present in the five continents.

The Animator, Sister Bernarda Santamaria, said: “The FMA concretize the gratitude of all the communities that live and testify to the charism of the Founders, of each ‘daughter’ and of each member of the great Salesian Family whom Mother met along the roads of the world.”

In the moment of prayer, between Psalms, songs, and intercessions in different languages, listening to some texts taken from the Circulars of Mother Yvonne, helped us to remember the ‘good wine’ which, like ‘amphora’ (Jn 2: 1- 11), she poured out on the Communities during the twelve years of her service of animation and government in the FMA Institute.

“If gratitude is an attitude, is part of our being, this celebration is a very beautiful and meaningful tradition and is typically a sign of the ‘family spirit’, of gratitude first of all to God, because all that we are comes from Him, everything is a gift. We can never thank God enough for our life, for our family, even religious, for our vocation, for our mission, and for the many graces we receive from God.”

With these words, Mother thanked the FMA and all the Educating Communities of the FMA Institute in the world.

The World Feast of Gratitude, on April 26, 2020, will have an appointment in Live Streaming, with the recitation of the Rosary at 4:30 PM on the YouTube channel of St. John Bosco Province (IRO) and the greeting of Mother General to the whole FMA Institute, to young people, lay people, and the whole Salesian Family.


  1. Dear La Madre, We, the community of St.Joseph’s Convent, Arni, INM-India wish you a very Happy Feast of Gratitude. We prayed for you and all you Councillors. We express our love and gratitude for your 12 years of wonderful leadership! May God bless you with good health and a life of happiness for ever!
    With Love
    Arni, St.Joseph’s Community, INM-India

  2. Dear Mother, Thanks a lot for your motherly love, sisterly care, friendly accompaniment, wise leadership, spirit of systematic administration! Thank for governing the Institute with the great zeal of love for God’s Kingdom and with the charismatic spirit of our founders. wishing you God’s blessings in abundance…we prayed for you
    With Lots of love
    Sr.Francis Jeyamani, INM, INdia

  3. Carissima Madre, grazie tante per la sua vita che tutto donato a noi e all’Istituto. Oggi le abbiamo ricordato tanto e le vogliamo tanto bene. Un piccolo grazie dal cuore delle sue figlie più lontane, che in quest’anno siamo 12 anni (CSM).
    Grazie! 谢谢!

  4. Queridísima Madre, desde León, España, todas las hermanas de la comunidad la recordamos con mucho cariño, gratitud y en la oración de cada día.
    En este 24, inicio del mes de Mª Auxiliadora, le pedimos a Ella, que la proteja y le ayude en su misión de animación de todo el Instituto.
    !MADRE, FELIZ FIESTA DEL GRACIAS de todo el Instituto!!!
    Un abrazo con cariño “las confinadas” y las que nos cuidan
    Carmen Rosa y hermanas

  5. Dear Mother,
    A very happy feast to you. Inspite of lockdown we rejoice and pray with you. We thank you for your caring and motherly nature. You have accompanied the world of FMA and the young people for 12 years. Thank you for being a loving Mother who thinks of her daughters and the youth. Have a wonderful thanksgiving day. We are all close to you today. EVIVA LA MADRE


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