(Monterrey, Mexico). From November 15 to 17 2019 the meeting of the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) was held in Monterrey (Nuevo León) which was attended by about a thousand among adolescents, educators, FMA, SDB of the various States of the Mexican Republic, coming from different provinces . The participants had the joy of having among them Mother Yvonne Reungoat, who was visiting Mother of the Church province (MMO) for the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of its institution.

On the first day, Mother Yvonne took part in the Eucharistic Celebration with the animators who were preparing to welcome the participants and guide some of the activities, reminding them of the importance of animating with their own witness and exhorting them to seek holiness in small details and to be a light for others.

The theme of the SYM meeting was: “We are of the team of Christ, with Him towards the goal.” A very significant moment was the ‘5K race’, a Salesian race involving adolescents, but also parents, FMA, educators.  Mother had the opportunity greet to all the competitors before their departure, encouraging them to run with their hearts. At the end, she  placed the medal on the winners.

On Sunday, Mother prayed with the young people, living with them a very intense Holy Hour. Later, the teenagers were able to express their questions and concerns. At the end, she gave them a bracelet with the inscription: “Mary walks with us”, inviting them to always see Mary as mother, guide, and helper. In turn, the participants at the meeting presented a photo album as a gift to Mother Yvonne, in which they wrote their wishes and positive messages about her visit.

The concluding Eucharistic Celebration was a time of celebration lived with enthusiasm and fervor by the young people, a true thanksgiving for being a family, thanks to the charism of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, and having the presence of the Mother at this meeting.


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