Mornese (Italy). From May 10 to 12 2018, the triduum in preparation for the Solemnity of Mother Mazzarello was celebrated.

Speaking of a feast for Mother Mazzarello in Mornese, in fact, means making hearts vibrate, not only of her daughters and of the people of Mornese, but also of those who are getting to know her and are learning to love her. For some years now we have proposed a triduum in preparation for the feast of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, so that many people who live in these same places, may discover her human and spiritual richness and make her feel closer and more current in the life of the young.

The Mornese Spirituality Team, assisted by the two FMA communities and by the associations present in the area, proposed attention this year on the educational art of Mary Domenica. With a crescendo of participation, civil and religious authorities, and associations operating in Mornese and in neighboring towns were also involved.

On May 10th, the first day of the Triduum, the children and young people from the Primary School up to the High School and their teachers were involved. Through viewing a video, narrations, reflections, and games, they sought to study the educational intervention of Mary Domenica Mazzarello in regard to some of the students who lived at the school: Corinna, Emma, and Maria. The day was passed between the school and the Valponasca and provided the opportunity to study the places where the Saint lived, and the values she herself had incarnated and experienced.

A bag lunch was eaten at the Valponasca which became a time of fraternity. At the end of the day, there was a ‘treasure hunt’ and ice cream that made the joy greater and contagious.

May 11th, the second day, was dedicated to studying the attitude of Mary Domenica in ‘taking care’…of the girls, of the families, and of the people, helping everyone to grow in their faith in Jesus.

The proposal included praying the Rosary in the Mazzarello Sanctuary to which the whole educating community was invited as well as all those who love education and believe in the importance of working to help the young to be better.

The theme of the Rosary was: ‘An Educational Art to Acquire’, with some comments at the Mysteries. This provided connecting the words of Mary D. Mazzarello with the Magisterium of Pope Francis in his latest Apostolic Exhortation on ‘next door holiness’. Through the intercession of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, we asked the Lord to make us grow in the capacity to live holiness in daily life as she did during her whole life, especially knowing how to imitate some Christian and human virtues: TAKING CARE, FORTITUDE in relationships, EUCHARISTIC PEDAGOGY, MERCY and TRUTH in educative rapports, and the PEDAGOGY of JOY and CHEERFULNESS.

There was great participation and ardor on the part of the parishioners from Casaleggio, Lerma, and Mornese that form a Pastoral Unity.

On May 12, the central moment was the Eucharistic Celebration in the Shrine, presided over by Msgr. Luigi Testore, the new Bishop of Acqui Terme.

The presence of the Pastor of the diocese gave the celebration a broad breadth of Church and brought together the faithful of the three parishes. Msgr. Testore expressed his desire to participate in deepening knowledge of St. Mary Mazzarello and continued his presence even after the celebration at the serene ‘aperitif’ organized by the Mornese associations and set up in the dining room of the Mazzarelli house.

The young people of the School Oratory presented a drama on the life of three young women: Corinna, Maria, and Emma to show how the educational environment of the first community in Mornese changed their life, thanks to the love and care of Mother and the sisters assisting her.

The preparation of the feast provided a strong experience of communion among the pastors and the faithful, the parishioners of the three realities of the Diocese, among the various associations in Mornese, between adults and young people. We sought to relive the educative passion of Mary Domenica Mazzarello who gave herself for the good of the young and the people of her town, in order to draw inspiration from her for daily life. It was a way to involve many in celebrating our saint, reviving the charism, and making it alive today so that it many lead many more hearts vibrate with her educative passion.


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