Rome (Italy). The Vicar General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Sr. María del Rosario García Ribas, through a letter reached the Provincials and Superiors of the Preprovinces, and all the FMA and the Educating Communities of the FMA Institute present in the five Continents, to share the theme of the Feast of Gratitude 2022, and the indications for its preparation and implementation. The Letter expresses the meaning of the event:

“As part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute, we would like to thank the Lord of Life for the generous ‘yes’ of our Mother, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, who lives the service of animation and government with so much faith and availability. In a complex world context marked by many health, political, and social challenges, we participate in the suffering and hope of a large part of humanity that seeks peace and wants to continue to generate life.”

The World Feast of Gratitude will take place on 24, 25, 26 April 2022 in Turin, Mornese, Nizza, the land of the origins of the FMA Institute, in the Piedmont Province of Mary Help of Christians (IPI).

The theme:

is drawn from the dream of Don Bosco, who said he found himself in Turin in Piazza Vittorio, where he saw a large number of girls asking him for help. He did not want to listen to them, but he saw a ‘Lady with a resplendent face who said to him, ‘Take care of them, they are my daughters!‘” (Cronistoria I, 24-25).

The presence of Mary, inspirer of the FMA Institute, Mother and Teacher, Help of Christians who accompanies the FMA in life and in history, is the guiding thread of the journey of preparation and realization of the feast.

Turin, Mornese, and Nizza are the places that recall a story that has seen the intervention of Mary from the very beginning and then over time.

In preparation for the Feast of Gratitude, the IPI Province proposes a three-week itinerary, which highlights the significant coincidence of the feast with the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the FMA Institute (1872-2022). The itinerary is marked by three key words, one for each charismatic place of the origins, and by three charismatic phrases which, recalling the presence of Mary, help to walk the journey: Call, Identity, and Accompaniment.

A biblical cue associated with each week invites us to meet the extraordinary humanity of three women of the Old Testament, Esther, Ruth, and Debora, in whom to contemplate the traits summarized and fully embodied by Mary. Mary is active in the history of Israel and of all humanity and intervenes every day in the history of each one, with a presence that evokes beauty, strength, and gentleness.

The logo of the Feast recalls the origins of the history of the FMA Institute and some aspects of Salesian spirituality. Mary Help of Christians accompanies and guards the Salesian charism. Her mantle unfolds throughout history and traverses the places that saw the birth and fulfillment of the dream of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello. The fertile hills of Monferrato can be glimpsed on the horizon, a sign of the concreteness and bond of the Founders with their land.

The small window recalls Mornese and frames the icons that accompany the feast: the tricorn that recalls Don Bosco; the Constitutions, received by Mother Mazzarello together with the first Daughters of Mary Help of Christians on 5 August 1872 at the College of Mornese; the sprout indicates the nascent Institute that Don Bosco wanted to transfer to Nizza Monferrato, under the loving gaze of Mary.

The profile of the young recalls the constant presence of young people in the life of the FMA who give meaning to being ‘daughters’, ‘sisters,’ and ‘mothers’. Within this plan of Salvation, the FMA recognize themselves as a living Monument of Don Bosco’s gratitude to the Help of Christians and this is the motive for great celebration together with the Educating Communities.

The journey of preparation, the initiatives, and the event can be followed on the page on which along the way, further indications will be provided to fully experience the Feast of Gratitude 2022.

Letter of the Vicar General – Feast of Gratitude 2022


  1. Madre Chiara Cazzuola
    A los pies de Jesús vivo y actuante ponemos el Don de su vida y vocación. Desde su testimonio ilumina nuestras vidas con la alegría del evangelio, siendo ese instrumento fecundo para animar la misión del Instituto en el mundo.
    Gracias por acoger con sencillez gozosa las acciones de Dios en su vida que nos habla de un corazón totalmente entregado y dispuesto a la voz de Dios.

  2. Alegria em comemorar mais um ano de vida do Instituto Filhas de Maria Auxiliadora!
    Madre, Irmã Chiara Cazzuola;
    Para nós do colégio Sagrado coração de Jesus (Cuiabá – MT), é uma grande alegria poder comemorar essa data especial. Que seja mais um ano de muitos que estão por vir! Essa é uma verdadeira família, da qual fazemos parte com muito orgulho. Gratidão!
    Equipe Pastoral CCJ

  3. Loving wishes from Coimbatore Marialaya (INT Province) from Children Staff and from your loving daughters. Prayerful wishes on this beautiful day. May Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother Bless you. Assuring our Prayers
    Yours affectionately
    Sr. Irudaya Raj Victoria
    Sr. Mary Vincent
    Sr. Aruldoss Rose Mary

  4. Mère Chiara,
    Toute notre prière et toute notre reconnaissance sont tournées vers vous. Merci pour votre disponibilité. Que la Vierge vous couvre de son manteau et vous accompagne dans votre mission.


  6. Como Ex-aluna FMA, nossa gratidão às Irmãs Salesianas pela educação recebidas nas Casas das queridas FMA, estas que ainda hoje permanecem como nossa grande referência de zelo, gratuidade, testemunho de vida e missão. As palavras “São minhas filhas” ressoem de forma globalizada. Conselheira Confederal do Brasil da Associação Mornese.

  7. Muchas gracias por la preparación tan bonita en la que se ha logrado hacer confluir los diferentes llamados.

  8. Muito sugestivo tanto o logotipo como o lema ou tema. Além de nos remer ao passado, faz-nos viver o presente e nos leva a projetar com audácia o futuro.

  9. Molto significativo il logo e il tema della festa.
    Ricco di contenuti il cammino che ci farà vivere
    La festa del grazie chi si svolgerà nei luoghi suggestivi delle nostre origini.
    Alle organizzatrici, grazie e buon lavoro.


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