Rome (Italy). The meeting of the Founding Members of the FVGS Onlus Foundation took place in Rome on 30 September 2018. After having recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of its foundation, FVGS Onlus, in light of the changes in the Third Sector, considered it appropriate to revise it by modifying its Statute, detaching itself from VIDES International.

The Volunteer Youth and Solidarity Foundation (FVGS) Onlus, following the Catholic tradition and in light of the Social Doctrine and the principles of the Church, exclusively pursues aims of social solidarity and intends to support and promote the integral development of the person.

In particular, the Foundation pursues the aims of social solidarity in the following sectors:

– development cooperation;

– organization and management of cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest;

– education, instruction, and professional training.

In order to carry out its activities in the above-mentioned sectors, the Foundation aims to:

– promote research and activities concerning women’s and children’s rights in developing countries;

– promote education programs for global citizenship, solidarity, development cooperation and social volunteering for the most marginalized young people;

– promote and support research, experimentation, and training activities in the field of youth volunteering;

– coordinate and implement activities and initiatives to be implemented through development cooperation, volunteer service and universal civil service, for the promotion of women and children in situations of hardship and poverty.

At the the Shareholders’ Meeting a new Board of Directors was elected: Guido Barbera (Chairman), Sr Annecie Audate, FMA (Vice President and General Manager), Sr Giuliana Pisano, FMA (Treasurer), Fabio Marzola (Secretary), and Sr Patrizia Milito, FMA (Director).

The Founders’ Meeting of the FVGS Onlus Foundation is as follows: Guido Barbera, Ercole Lucchini, Sr. Annecie Audate, Sr. Patrizia Milito, Sr. Edi Maria Chierici, Sr. Lies De Soete, Sr. Paola Cuccioli, Sr. Giuliana Pisano, Fabio Marzola, and Paolo Basili.


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