Rome (Italy) 25 August 2020 the anniversary of the birth into Heaven of Blessed Sr. Maria Troncatti (25 August 1969), missionary and pioneer in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Those who wish to express their devotion to Blessed Maria Troncatti, ask for a certain grace from the Lord through her intercession or give thanks for those already received, starting from August 16, they can pray for nine consecutive days, the Novena to Blessed Maria Troncatti.

“The novena to Blessed Maria Troncatti is very effective if one firmly believes, to overcome periods of suffering, illness, anguish, moral ruin, family problems, a marriage in crisis, lack of work, to be enlightened in the most difficult decisions to take, to be healed, consoled, and to ask for any help in the small and great difficulties of every day; but also to give thanks for the immense graces we continually receive from the Lord”. (CAMERONI Pierluigi, Maria Troncatti, a Heart of a Mother, Shalom, Camerata Picena 2012, 166)

The Novena is a beautiful practice cultivated in the Church to prepare for the solemnities and feasts of Our Lord and of Mary, but also for the remembrances of the saints. The saints themselves practiced and recommended this devotion. To share the spirituality of Sr. Maria Troncatti, prayer can be offered for nine days for the intentions for which she herself offered her life: reconciliation and peace between groups who do not succeed to live peacefully in the same territory.

51 years after the death of Sister Maria, places of tension have multiplied, not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, but also because of social injustices. The spirituality of the FMA, enriched by the sensitivity of Sr. Maria Troncatti, is committed to taking care of the various aspects of life that involve young people so that they may have life and have it in abundance.

Office of Readings Sr Maria Troncatti – 25 August


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