Rome (Italy). A round table on The presence of Mary in the cinema will open on 14 March 2022 at ‘John Paul II Aula Magna’ of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences «Auxilium» in Rome, on the series of meetings “Images of Mary, images of the woman. Between cinema and Mariology”, also broadcast live on the Faculty YouTube channel.

The journey consisting of four meetings coordinated by Sr. Linda Pocher, FMA, Professor of Mariology, aims to awaken the interest and awareness that reflecting on the person of Mary means reflecting on the identity and role of women in the Church and in society. It also offers tools and opportunities for an open and critical dialogue with contemporary culture, in view of a more fruitful educational and evangelizing action.

The round table will be attended by Nicolas Steeves, Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University; Milena Stevani, Professor of Psychology of Religion at the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium”; Renato Butera, Professor of Film History and Film Languages at the Salesian Pontifical University; Katia Malatesta, Collaborator of the Religion Film Festival of Trento.

Sr. Linda Pocher explains that, “After the introductory round table on the subject, the other appointments include meeting and dialogue with the director of a cinematographic work. Viewing the core films of the reflection is left to the personal initiative of the participants, in the days immediately preceding the interview.”

She further specifies that “In no 34 of Marialis Cultus Paul VI emphasizes with particular force the importance of a renewal of the image of Mary, starting from a comparison between Scripture, the human sciences, and the needs of men and women of today.

The image of Mary, in fact, inevitably conveys an image of the woman and, very often, the acceptance or rejection of the Marian dimension of faith depends on the image of the woman implicitly conveyed by it. Figurative art, literature, poetry have contributed in every epoch in the history of Christianity to achieving the ever-renewed actualization of the Gospel, which is essential for its incarnation in the culture and daily life of believers.

Alongside the most ancient forms of art, our age can also count on cinema, which, due to its impact power, can become a precious ally in forming the sensitivity and conscience of pastoral workers and their recipients.”

The 1st meeting will be held on 28 March 2022 and will have as its theme Mary the educator of Jesus, with the meeting and dialogue with Guido Chiesa and Nicoletta Micheli, director and screenwriter of the film ‘I am with you’ (Italy, 2010).

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